Homemade Chicken Nuggets

DSCN2435Lately it seems I am always trying to find an affordable alternative to traditional kid food.  When we were just trying to find Dairy Free it was doable.  Now with Gluten Free added into the mix, I may as well just forget finding anything at the store.

I have also given up on fast food and dining out in general.  Some restaurants can’t even tell you if their foods contain allergens.   Much less offer gluten free or dairy free alternatives.

In my search for Gluten Free Foods I found a package of Ians Chicken Nuggets.  They cost me almost $7 for the box!  What was in side was depressing! 10 of the smallest chicken nuggets you have ever seen, and they didn’t even taste that good!  That is almost $1 a nugget!  Crazy Prices!

Everyone should eat healthier, but in this country healthy is considered “Specialty food”.  Why is that?  Why does it cost us so much to feed our children organic, healthy food?!

Well, I am making it my personal mission to help you guys feed your kids healthy and affordably!

My crew wanted chicken nuggets for lunch today!  I was out of them in the freezer and thought that this was a  perfect time to take pictures and show you guys how a half an hour in the kitchen can get you 90+ chicken nuggets in your freezer!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Gluten Free Dairy Free

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These are so easy you will wonder why you didn’t make them sooner!

Take a large skillet or fryer and heat oil to around 325-350 degrees.

In a medium bowl place 2 cups of bread crumbs.DSCN2417

In another bowl beat the 2 eggs and water.DSCN2415

Now, take you chicken breasts and cut them into bite sized pieces.DSCN2409 You can make as many as you want.  I usually cut up at least 3 lbs at a time.DSCN2411

After chicken is cut up dip it into egg mixture, allowing the excess to drip off.DSCN2420

Then roll it into the bread crumbs.DSCN2421

Then drop into the hot oil.DSCN2423

You may have to refill your egg and  bread crumb bowl if you are making a lot of chicken.  I had to refill once.

If you are going to eat these immediately,  fry until cooked through.

If you are making them to go into the freezer, you will only want to fry for a few seconds on each side and then remove from the oil.

Place chicken on a paper towel or on baking racks so the oil can drain off and the chicken can cool.DSCN2427

Once the chicken is cool.  Place in a large freezer bag.  Label the bag with the directions below.DSCN2441 Freeze until ready to cook.

To cook.  Place in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the nuggets.  DSCN2425

Can be stored in the freezer for 3 months.

Great for quick dinners instead of drive through! These are really good!  They taste like Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets!

Also great to throw in baked pasta and make a quick baked chicken Parmesan pasta!

With the 3 lbs of chicken breasts I got roughly 90 chicken nuggets!

For you GFCF moms out there…you just saved a fortune on specialty food!

I bought my chicken at WinnDixie this week.  They are BOGO!  So I got 6 lbs for $14.  Not too bad!

Even if you don’ t need a GFCF diet, think of how much you would save compared to a drive through or those expensive bags of frozen chicken nuggets.  This way you know what you are feeding your family!


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  1. Melissa A. says

    Thanks for the great recipe. My son also has food allergies and Ians nuggets are the only ones he will eat. I’ll give this a try. I hope he will like them – and so does my wallet!

  2. Jaclyn says

    Thank you so much for your gluten free dairy free recipes! My 4yr old son is allergic to wheat, milk, eggs and peanuts so it is a challenge finding different meal ideas. I usually sub flaxseed meal for egg. I’m hoping it will work in this recipe. Thanks again!

    • says


      I can’t even imagine! See, every time I think what I am going through is tough…it could always be worse. That is a lesson to live by. I would be interested to here some of the substitutions you have come up with! Thanks for reading!


  3. Marie says

    Could you bake them instead of frying them? Just wondering. Thanks for the recipe. My mom needs GFDF and my sister-in-law does, too.

    • says

      You can totally bake them if you are going to eat them right away. They are best flash fried before freezing! If you bake before freezing they would get over cooked when reheated and may turn out tough.

      Hope this helps!

  4. carolyn says

    Thank you for this recipe. I made them tonight for my family (husband, myself, and 3 year old, 6 month did not try yet but will enjoy in a few years). My 3 year old is in that phase where she does not like to any meat that mom makes. She has devoured these tonight. I have tried several of you recipes and really appreciate the new ideas that you are adding to my recipe box and the dollars you are returning to my wallet.

  5. Mary says

    Another easy, GF chicken nugget recipe is to smash up a bag of potato chips and use those instead of the bread crumbs. You then bake the nuggies rather than fry them. The chips add a lot of flavor.

  6. Brooke says

    Thank you! Thank you! A recipe that doesn’t call for a dozen different things and instructions on freezing we can eat them whenever making some tonight! Also I know what you mean about the $7 chicken nuggets.

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