The First Cuts: Where do you get all those coupons?

I am sorry this is long winded.  I didn’t know there was so much to learn about coupons until I started to type it up.  So, grab a cup of coffee, and turn a cartoon on for the kiddies.

I sat down the other day and thought about when I first started couponing, which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t that long ago.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I am a trial and error type of person.  I learn by doing.  I know some of you aren’t like that.  If you were a new Couponer and looked at my blog you may think I was speaking a foreign language.   So, I am starting a series of posts breaking down the ins and outs of couponing.  I am going to call it “The First Cuts”.  Cute huh?  Just came up with it!

So, for the first post I am going to answer the most burning question.  Where do you really get all of those coupons? No, I don’t know the coupon insert person.  I didn’t rob a peelie person (Yes, there are actual people paid to put peelies on products).


I get my coupons just like everyone else.  I print a lot of them.  Years ago there weren’t that many sites to print from and those that existed didn’t have that great of coupons.  Now, the world has changed!  There are printable coupons all over the web!  Some of my favorites are

There are more links to printable coupon pages in my coupons tab at the top of the site.  I also try to post links to random coupons here on A Few ShortCuts!  So, if you stay current with my blog by reading, emails, Facebook, and twitter (It’s ok if you don’t do them all!) you won’t miss any of the coupons that I find!

You will notice at the first and last of the month I will remind you to print coupons.  Printable coupons from the major sites reset on or around the first of every month.  That makes those times busy printing times!

Also, good tip to know, you can print 2 coupons of each one offered typically.  Makes for great Buy One Get One Deals!


The Sunday paper is a great resource for coupons!  I know some of you think….”Is it worth it to by 6 papers? That has to cost a fortune!”  Let me start by saying, you only buy the coupons you are going to use.  If it is just a family of 2 you will probably only need 1 or 2 papers. If you are like me and have a family of 5 I buy between 4-6 papers on a good week.  (We will discuss organization soon!)

In my area the Sunday paper goes on sale at a discounted price on Tuesday!  So, instead of paying $1.50 each on Sunday, I pay $0.75 each on Tuesday.  To me, it is worth the wait!

There are other ways to save on the paper!  You can use your CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECB’S) to pay for your newspapers or your Walgreen’s Register Rewards (RR’s) to pay for your papers.

You can also order your coupons or inserts.  This is great to do when there is just 1 really great coupon for something that you use all the time.  You can order already clipped coupons off of Ebay or from several different coupon clipping services like the Coupon Clippers!  I have ordered coupons before for some really great Money Makers.  To me it is worth spending a couple dollars to save $60!


Oh the illusive peelies.  I was recently at Publix and I saw the rare Peelie Person!  He looked very grouchy and unapproachable or I would have chatted him up.  After following him down a couple isles I found BOGO Betty Crocker Fruit snack peelies.  They were on every box.  The next day, I went back to the same store and there was not a peelie in sight.  Shame on you peelie thieves!  If you aren’t going to buy the item, I don’t think it is fair that you take all the peelies! One or two if you intend on purchasing is one thing, but to wipe out a shelf is wrong.   Now that I have that off my chest, you will be more likely to find peelies between Tuesday and Thursday; before the weekend vultures come in.  They are usually on name brand products.

The age old debate on whether or not it is ok to pick peelies.  I am ok if you take 1.  Just don’t pick the shelf clean.  It’s not fair to the rest of us! :)


Don’t you love the names…Peelies, Blinkies, they are just so cute! Anyway, those little boxes stuck to the shelves and the freezer doors with coupons in them and the little red blinking light.  Those coupons are called blinkies.  A great point was recently brought to my attention by a Walmart cashier.  Side note, Walmart doesn’t take blinkies.  Blinkie coupons do not say manufacturers coupon on them.  If the store does not have the blinkie boxes on the shelves, they do not have to accept your blinkie coupons.

Now, Blinkies are great to snag while you are in the store.  The machine will typically spit out 2 in a row.  Then, it waits…about 30-45 seconds.  Then, it spits out another.  My kids think this is magical.  I am just grateful that they like to find the machines.  I have no problem with you taking blinkies and saving them for a rainy day.  There are usually plenty in the machine.

Tip.  I have noticed blinkies on the shelf and taken the coupons.  The next week the item is on sale and the blinkie is gone.  Coincidence??? I think not!  So, grab the blinkies when you see them.

Store Coupons

Store coupons are amazing no matter what store you shop, because they stack!  What is stacking?  It is when you use 1 store coupon and 1 manufacturer’s coupon for the same item to save more.  You can also do this at any other store that releases their own store coupons.  Stacking is perfectly legal way to use coupons and save a ton!

Basically a store coupon is a coupon issued by a specific store that does not say Manufactures coupon.  Publix Coupons for instance don’t even have a barcode.  They have a LU#.  Target offers amazing printable store coupons available on their site!  CVS also offers printable coupons from their site.  Walgreens always has a ton in their sale paper.  They also release a coupon book once a month that is placed in the front of the store.

I highly recommend signing up for your local stores reward card (if available) and baby club.  They will mail you great store coupons.  I just got a baby club mailer from Publix today with several coupons for $1 off meat, $1 off Produce, and more!

Contact Companies

I almost forgot!  You can contact companies directly.  You don’t have to have a problem to let them know you exist.  Send them an email and tell them how great their product is!  Nine times out of Ten they will mail you a coupon!  Kristin over at Couponing to Disney has a great daily post called “5 a Day”.  She lists 5 companies contact info for you to contact to get coupons! It is worth checking out!

Also, sign up for brand newsletters or emails.  They many times contain coupons!  You may even want to set up a separate free email account for this.  That way your inbox isn’t packed with company newsletters.

I think I have covered it all! That is where I get my coupons.  Don’t expect your pile to grow over night. It takes time.  I still feel like I miss out on some great coupons.

Next time we are going to cover how to Organize all of those new found coupons!


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  1. Beth says

    How do you know that the peelies removed from the boxes were all removed by a single individual? Maybe several folks took a couple – imagine how many folks walked past those boxes on a single day!

  2. says

    LOVE IT! This is not long winded at all. It is perfect!! There is a lot of ground to cover in the wide wide world of coupons. I am sending all my newbies over to you =)
    Oh, and I love the name…too cute!

  3. Sarah says

    So I have another question.. :) It’s simple and probaly silly but somethign I don’t understand… on sites like they ask for your zip code for hte coupons on our area. Am I able to use coupons from other areas? Like I live in Alabama and my best friend lives in Illinios.. can I use her zip code to see different coupons, if there are any?

  4. Celeste Phillips says

    Hello! Any good ideas on organizing coupons as to not forget their expiration dates? Currently, I organize my coupons by month but I still seem to forget.

    • says


      I keep the high value coupons that I know I am going to want to use. Like FREE, BOGO, or $2 or more off in the front of my binder. That way I see them right away and they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

  5. says

    Hello i live in I.N, Are there people out there that uses coupon that Could help me and my family. step by step so that i can understand and be able to get it done with no mess ups, when i go to the stores. MISHAWAKA IN 46544 THANKS

  6. Shay says

    Your amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this. I have been wanting to start using coupons but didn’t know where to start, this was very helpful!
    Thanks again!

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