The First Cuts: Why have a Stockpile?

Stockpiling is strangely controversial.  I am really not sure why.  I have heard everything from, “Why do you need that much food?”  To “You are not going to be able to eat all of that before it goes bad!”

Sometimes they are right.  I may not be able to eat everything I am purchasing before it goes bad.  My answer is to

  1. Freeze it!
  2. Donate it!
  3. Share it!

Why Have a Stockpile?

The whole point of stockpiling in my book is to not have to run to the store multiple times a week.  With 3 kids this just isn’t ideal!  Also, from a frugal standpoint, why wouldn’t you purchase items while they were at their cheapest? I mean, it just makes sense to buy 6 boxes of pasta for pennies if you know your family is going to eat them over the next couple months! From a frugal standpoint, stockpiling makes sense!

You also never know when there will be an emergency.  Right now hurricane season is here in the south.  It is always wise to have food on hand! There is just no certainty in life.  I would rather be prepared than caught without what my family needs.

How much should you buy?

That is up to you, your storage capabilities, and how many you are trying to feed.  There is no magic equation.  I would say not to buy more than you can use before it expires.  I always check the dates on items before I purchase them.

Sales tend to cycle.  Some items go on sale more than others.  You may notice spaghetti sauce goes BOGO every 2-3 weeks.  You won’t need to buy a lot of it at once. You can plan on it to go on sale again soon.  Keep an eye on sales trends to see how often your favorite foods go on sale.  You will be surprised at how regular the schedule is.

No matter where you live, there could always be a natural disaster.  So, I keep lots of canned goods, waters, and easy to prepare foods on hand.  You never know when you may truly need them.

Where to put your stockpile?

I know some of you do not have a lot of space.  You are wondering where on earth you would put a stockpile.  Well, a stockpile can be lots of different sizes depending on the space available and how many you are feeding.

The house we are currently in has very little kitchen storage, and no pantry.  I am using a hall closet/linen closet for my pantry.  Hey, we do the best we can.  I was also blessed over the last year to be able to afford a chest freezer!  This has made a huge difference in the amount of items I am able to purchase.  I now have plenty of room to freeze not only frozen foods, but things like cheeses, breads, and meats.

We have a shelf in the garage that houses almost all of my canned goods, and unopened boxed items.  It just makes sense for us!

What do you use your Stockpile for?

I honestly use my stockpile every day!  I use it for meal planning, everyday cooking, and keep enough on hand for a rainy day.  No one wants to have to go to the store several times a week.  It is nice to be prepared with grocery store staples right in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, when it is a slow sales week like this week, I don’t have to worry about blowing my grocery budget. I have plenty of food on hand in the house to feed my family.  I just have to make a small basic trip to the store for things like milk, juice, and produce.  Everything else is at my fingertips.

What is your stockpile?

Well, I have compiled a little video to show you what I have at my house! You can have a sneak peak into what we have at our house.  Keep in mind I have not been shopping this week, so this is just what I usually have on hand.

Want to sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club that I talked about in the video?  Just go here and they will email you tons of great coupons!

Do you buy it all at once?

No,  stockpiling is gradual!  It is not something that happens overnight.  You pick up one or two extra items when you are at the store.  I usually purchase things that are on sale, or special with coupons that I know we will use over the next couple weeks.  Do not think that your stockpile will look like mine overnight.

It is better to start out gradual until you get the feel for what your family needs, and will use.

I hope this post helped you understand stockpiling a little better!

Come back for the next “The First Cuts” post.  We are going to talk about CVS and how to get the biggest bang for your buck!


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  1. Robin says

    I love this video!!!! This is exactly what my stockpile looks like. About a month ago I gave in and moved my stuff out to the garage onto the same type of shelf unit. I only keep canned and bottled items out there and keep the boxed items still inside I have a pantry and a few years back I had bought a cabinet from Target when it was on sale for 50 bucks (good investment). I also had to upgrade my freezer in the first month I started couponing which was in November. Hey at least we are ready for hurricane season!!

  2. says

    I loved the video!!! Thanks so much for sharing. You have inspired me to build up my stockpile even bigger now. Mine is about 1/3 of yours. I gotta get busy! thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Carla says

    Did you buy those special dividers for your freezer? I’ve never seen those and that would come in VERY handy with my large freezer!!

  4. Martha says

    Amanda! I hope you have a generator for that freezer! LOLOL! If not I bet you could find one for 75% off plus competitor plus a coupon! Loved the vid!

  5. Ashley says

    Just a little tip for your closet/pantry. I, too, had to commandeer a hallway closet to use as a pantry (and since I don’t have a garage I also use a closet in one of my guest bedrooms) and got tired of always “losing” my sauces/condiments on the shelves. I bought a cheapie-cheap over-the-door shoe organizer. You know, the ones that are made out of a fabric like material that have the see-through pockets for shoes? Only now I hang it on the pantry door and put my bottles of opened/in-use sauces, condiments, mixes etc. It really helps open up shelf space and lets you instantly visualize what you have.

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