Weekly Meal Deal: Multiple Meals, 1 Quick Trip, Super simple!

This morning I hit up Publix.  I saw in the sale that “Whole Bottom Rounds” were $1.99/lb.  I had a feeling that it was going to be like the Whole Pork Loin;  HUGE!  I was right!  These things are massive; 15 lbs to be exact.   So, I walked down the meat counter to where the smaller roasts were $2.69/lb.  My wheels started turning, What if I showed you how to save $0.70/lb. and make 5 + meals?!  I think that would count as saving you time and money in the kitchen and at the store. :)  Let’s do it!

First things first, Publix has a sign up that says they will cut the Whole Bottom Round for you!  Thank goodness!  So, I picked one that was almost 15 lbs. exactly.  I had them cut it into 5 almost equal pieces.  That is 5 (3 lb) roasts that will be perfect for dinners.  You could also have them grind some to get some really cheap ground beef. I try to never pay more than $1.99/lb for ground beef.  There is always a sale somewhere, and it doesn’t take up that much space, even if you have a small freezer.

I take advantage of whatever services grocery stores offer for free.  Publix is very customer friendly! They don’t mind doing this for you at all!  I suggest hitting the meat department first and telling them how you want it cut, then doing the rest of your shopping, and stop back for your meat!  I don’t really understand how they can charge you $0.70 a pound more for cutting it when they offer to cut it for free! Still trying to figure that one out!

Just as a heads up.  I stopped by the deli and was going to get some roast beef for sandwiches $9/lb!  Highway robbery.  I can tell you right now that one of these roasts will be cooked and sliced for sandwiches.  I like $1.99/lb much better! I wish I had one of those fancy meat slicers! That would make it much easier!

So, what to do with all of that beef!  That is easy here are some fantastic meal ideas for you…with photos of course.  Click on the name of the meal to see the post with full instructions.

My personal favorite is to throw one of these roasts in the crock-pot all day with some salt and pepper.  Then about 30 minutes before you are ready to serve shred it with a fork and toss some BBQ sauce in!  It makes a mean BBQ Sandwich!

Savory Beef Stew (Cut some beef into chunks!)

Crock Pot Roast with Mushroom Gravy

Meat and Bean Burritos (So Easy and Delicious!)

Ground Beef Options

This is a super idea to really stretch your dollar!  If you have all of the meat turned into ground beef you will end up with enough for 15 meals!  That is amazing! Oh, I have a gazillion recipes for ground beef!  Here are just a few…

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Crock Pot Salisbury Steak

Cheesy Chili Mac

Meatball Subs

Mini Meatloaves

So, I just gave you Nine Meal ideas for your Whole Bottom Round.  They are all super simple, family friendly, and low cost.  So, don’t be discouraged when you see such a large cut of meat!  Just think of the possibilities!  That $30 hunk of meat could in reality make 15 meals easily!  That is a huge savings of your time, and money.  That is a great stockpile builder so you don’t have to purchase meat again next week.


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  1. says

    I love your blog! You have the best ideas and you are always original. I would have never even thought about having them cut a giant roast up like that. I did not know they would do that! And your recipes look soooo yummy. Thanks for this great idea. Now, if I can just clear out a spot to plug in the deep freezer that is sitting in my garage not being used…

  2. Melissa says

    FYI- When I hit up the sale this AM where the sign was for the “$1.99 Whole Bottom Round”‘ there was several “3 meat packages that had a roast, steaks, and ground beef. I thought that was a great deal all three were good sizes and the total was $15.15 for the package deal!!!! I am guessing that they did that for people that possible had already been asking or just because they know that people often ask for stuff like that when they have the whole cow on sale 😉

  3. Janice says

    WOW! Thank you so much for opening my eyes! I also went to buy the meat deal and saw how huge it was…there was no way I was going to buy it….never even thought to have them cut it up and use it for so many recipes!! Thank you!!!

  4. says

    I needed to contact you to tell you I’ve been pulling a “Julie and Julia” with your recipes lately. I totally need to write up one big blog post about the whole experience!

    Meatballs, pizza, chili mac, picadillo and many more. SO delish!!

  5. Liza says

    Finally made it over to Publix today & ours also had a precut package out. It was perfect… stir fry strips, ground beef, cubed, sandwhich cuts, oven roast… The meat manager said it was a weeks worth of meals, but I’m thinking it will be more than that! Thanks so much for another great tip!

  6. Rachelle says

    Sigh. I am SO frustrated with myself. I somehow failed to notice that under the same 1.99 sign was sirloin tip for 2.89. i had him cut it up just like you said and got 10 lbs for 30 instead of 15 for 3o. So frustrating and i don’t even know how to make sirloin tip!

    • Rachelle says

      I still really wanted the deal so I went back to Publix. They didn’t have the precut package, but I noticed they had a precut package for pork. I asked him to do the same thing to the beef and he cut, packaged and labelled everything for me. Beef for stew, cubed beef steak, thin cut, ground beef, oven roast, etc. Now I have enough meat for probably two months.

  7. michelle says

    Amanda, thank you for another marvelous idea!!! I’ve been a cook for years but never thought of doing this with a hunk o’ meat. The butcher at my Publix cut me a roast, stew meat, 2 ground beefs, and 2 cubed steak packages. Even the cashier was amazed at your idea. I will think of you and marvel at your brilliance each time I open my freezer and eye my stockpile of inexpensive meat…

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