The First Cuts: How to Earn with Swagbucks!

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It wasn’t that long ago that I was new to this world of extreme savings.  I saw the posts about Swagbucks and shrugged them off.  I never paid them any attention.  Then one day I thought I would sign up!  Little did I know that in less than a year I would have earned $490 in Gift Cards! How can you earn big with Swagbucks?  I am here to teach you all about it!

Sign up

That is the first step.  You have to sign up for swagbucks!  When you do, you will start out with 30 swagbucks!  That is a huge step in the right direction! I also recommend downloaded the swagbucks toolbar.  This will make it that much easier to earn Swagbucks!


You earn swagbucks by using them as your everyday search engine.  Just By searching for things that you normally would, like A Few Short Cuts, you will have the chance to earn Swagbucks.  I win on average twice a day; sometimes more.   On Fridays the amounts you win are raised!  It is called, “Mega Swagbucks Friday.”  Someone will win 1000Swagbucks!  Wouldn’t that be nice?


You are going to want to share your new found earning potential with friends.  Log into the Swagbucks page and at the top you will see a tab that says Promote! Click on ”Invite Friends and earn” .  When a friend signs up through your link their swagbucks will be matched.  Every time they earn a swagbuck, you earn a swagbuck.  This is good for the first 1000 swagbucks they earn via search!  You can see how this could add up fast!


You will from time to time see me post a swagcode on the A Few Short Cuts facebook page or here on A Few Short Cuts.  A swagcode is a special code released by Swagbucks that rewards you with more Swag Bucks!  I can’t post the exact code here because that would be a violation of Swagbucks policy, but I will lead you to the codes! However, if you go to the very bottom of the A Few Short Cuts site you will see a Swagbucks widget.  If you click on the SC button it will tell you if there is a code available and where.

For those of you who don’t know what to look for a swag code with typically look like this,”aFewSHortcUTS3j1”.  They are jumbled letters and numbers.  Some are capital and some are lower case.  You have to enter the code just like it is shown right onto your Swagbucks home page.

Special Offers

You can also earn by completing Special Offers.  Just by going through their No Obligation Special Offers daily you win 1 swagbuck!


Swagbucks now offers earning opportunities through surveys.  I have not tried this feature yet, so I don’t know how it pays out.  I would love to hear about your experience if you have tried it!


Swagbucks also has an online Shopping feature.  If you shop through regular retailers online, check swagbucks first.  Chances are that the store you want is available through Swagbucks.  Shop through their portal and earn swagbucks per dollar spent!

Trade in

You can also earn by trading in old and used electronics, like cell phones, video games, MP3 players and more!  The amounts vary per item, but it is worth it for some of those dust collectors in the closet!

Daily Polls

Last but not least you can earn by participating in Daily Polls!  You earn swagbucks by answering and contributing to the polls.  I have not done this feature yet myself.  So, I can’t tell you much about it.


Here is the best part.  Once you start earning Swagbucks, you can start spending them!  I save mine for Gift Cards.  450 Swagbucks = $5 Gift Card!  There are tons of prizes available in the Swagstore! Everything from Airline Gift Cards, to T-shirts!  There is a prize for everyone in the Swagstore!

I hoped that this post answers some of your questions about Swagbucks! I can’t tell you how much this worth!  I am hoping to pay for Christmas this year with my Swagbucks.  I can’t wait to hear what you got with your swagbucks!


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  1. says

    I haven’t traded in any of my swagbucks yet, I’m doing the same, saving for Christmas. On the $5 gift cards, are you able to use more than one when ordering on

  2. stacy says

    So were you able to get a fair amount for Christmas with this? I’m going to start it today and hopefully it can help me with Christmas this year!!

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