The First Cuts: What are E-Coupons

This is such a grey area of couponing; Those E-coupons.  What are they? Who takes them? Can they stack?  These are all questions I know I have had at one time or another!  So, read on and learn all about E-coupons and how they can help you save!

What are E-coupons?

E-Coupons are Electronic Coupons.  They basically attach to a store savings card and automatically discount certain items.  There is no paper to hand over.  Target also has a version that is sent to your mobile phone.  The clerk scans the bar code on your phone and it will automatically discount for the items purchased.

You have to logon to the e coupon companies website monthly to load the coupons to your cards.

Who takes E-Coupons?

I am not lucky enough to have a chain around me that takes them, except Target.  Stores like Kroger, Safeway, Vons, and many others take e-coupons!

Do they stack?

From what I understand, yes they do!  You can use a paper coupon with an e-coupon.  You can also use them with a store coupon.  Double check with the customer service desk at your store, but there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

Where do I find them?

There are several sites that offer them.  The most popular are

Upromise is different

Upromise e-coupons are different!  You can use them at any store that you have a key tag registered to Upromise.  Publix even offers a Upromise Key tag at Customer Service!  The only difference is, instead of the coupon amount coming off of your bill.  It goes into your Upromise account for your child, or grandchild’s college education! You can sign up for a Upromise account and load coupons to your card today!  I always load them all every month, because you never know what you might find on sale. :)

I hope this helped you understand the world of E-Coupons a little better.  Go now to see my other Beginner posts.


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  1. says

    Here is one thing I have learned with upromise. YOU MUST HAVE THE CASHIER SWIPE YOUR STORE CARD for the savings to work. I literally spend thousands @ Winn Dixie because it is only 9 miles from my house and everything else is over 20. After registering and shopping for a few months I checked my upromise account. Only two bucks in there.

    My Winn Dixie card wore out years ago… and we never replaced it. We just give the cashier our phone number and off comes our savings. But apparently this does not link up with upromise. You would think it would but I guess not. So, now I am going to get a new Winn Dixie card and go from there.

    Not sure about other stores that is my experience with Winn Dixie.

  2. Tina says

    The coupons do stack, meaning their registers will allow it. However the ecoupons are manufacture coupons also. This has been controverwith many bloggers because some say if the store will allow it then its ok. Some say its ethically wrong to use two manufacture coupons on a single item. The Kroger soft coin coupons will allow you to load them once and then gets taken off. Sometimes they will place multiple coupons of the same item to allow consumers. Multiple purchases.

    In my opinion its up to the consumer to make the decision once armed with the correct information rather or not they will morally stack the coupons or not.
    Happy couponing everyone!

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