A Few Short Cuts…from Betty (day 2)

Yesterday I brought you the first A Few Short Cuts from Betty!  Which I found totally appropriate since I am at General Mills right now Baking with Betty ~squeal~  Eh Hem,  Now here is another list of Short Cuts that all good housekeepers should know, according to Betty back in 1950.

Keep spices on a tray or in a box. Lift out of cupboard all  at one time.

I already do this, and it is so easy!

Once clean up process instead of several.  Before washing the breakfast dishes do any necessary baking or advance meal preparation. Then wash all at once.

I am sure this is a time saver if you are cooking all your meals at home

To Boil Potatoes in less time: remove a strip of skin from one side. Boil, then rest of skin peels of easily.  To bake potatoes in half the time: boil first for 15 minutes

I am so trying this next time I make potatoes!

Combine jobs to save energy.  Bake cake or cookies while washing dishes or cooking dinner; peel potatoes while meat is browning; cook some foods to be served 2 or 3 times…beef for roast, hash, pie.

Check! Already do that!

Do messy tasks, such as paring potatoes, on paper to be disposed of easily.  Have a paper bag at working area for scraps.

Kinda like Rachel Ray’s garbage bowl idea

Daily Care Saves time and equipment.  Eliminate cleaning of broiler by placing aluminum foil over rack to catch drippings. Daily care of stove saves special cleaning.

I love covering pans with foil! It makes clean up so easy!

After grating soft cheese, immediately rub hard crust of bread over grater to clean it.  Clean greater with stiff brush.

This is another one I will have to try

Ok….more to come tomorrow.


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