A Few Short Cuts….from Betty

006 On my Mom’s recent visit she brought me a copy of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook from 1950.  I have been thumbing through it just to see what interesting things I would find.

There is a section in the back of the book called, “Short Cuts”.  So, everyday that I am Baking with Betty, I will be bringing you some of Betty’s Short Cuts.  Keep in mind that these are from 1950.  Some of them are quite amusing and some are still so true.

Planning your work, to save precious time, Pays dividends….Without costing a dime.

**Keep a blackboard in  you kitchen for grocery lists, menus, messages to your family, and reminders.

I don’t know about you, but this is true in my house today.

** Save Time…Insure Sanitation.  Rinse dishes with boiling water, leave on rack to dry. Wipe glasses, silver. Some prefer to wash dishes only once a day.  Saves soap, time.  Rinse and stack, then cover.

Boy am I glad I have a dishwasher :)

**To make coffee, measure all water at once.  Have a mark on coffee pot to show correct amount.  Measure coffee with one motion in marked cup.

Hmmm….wonder when they started selling coffee pots with the measurements on them all ready?

Think ahead for efficiency…Right after using, fill cooking pans with hot water.  Exception: use cold water for cereal, egg, and milk dishes.

Anybody know why the water temp would matter?

Alright!  More Short Cuts from Betty tomorrow.  There are some really interesting ones you won’t want to miss!


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  1. Amy says

    i’m thinking the water temp might matter if you just took a pan out of the oven, if you put cold water in a hot hot pan it could crack, if it wasnt metal that is.

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