The First Cuts: How to Save at Walgreens

Walgreens has some great offers from time to time, but have you ever saved a ton?  Have you ever walked out spending nothing, with a cart full?  I have!  Here is how.

Walgreens Coupons

Walgreens offers great in ad coupons.  The thing that makes them better; you only need one coupon for multiple items!  If you buy 3 boxes of Ziploc Bags, and there is a Walgreens coupon for $0.99 Ziploc bags.  Hand the cashier one coupon and the amount will come off each box of Ziploc bags! Pretty neat, huh?

More Coupons than items?

Walgreens offers some great deals with their in ad coupons.  These are store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon!  There is a catch at Walgreens. You can not have more coupons than items!  How does that work?  Let me show you!

If you were to buy…

  • 2 Glade Air fresheners for $2.99 each
  • Use a Store coupon that made them $1.99 each (one coupon will take off both)
  • Then 2 Manufacturers coupons for $0.99 off each
  • You would have to buy a filer item!
  • You can not have 3 coupons and 2 items…it is sad I know!

What is a filler item? Something very cheap that you can buy to fill your order so you can use your coupons.  They often have candy by the register, or a pencil, or something super cheap!

Walgreens is very difficult when it comes to coupons.  Each store seems to have its own policy.  This one however stands true in every store!  You can’t have more coupons than items.

Register Rewards

Walgreens offers Register Rewards or RRs!  These are great bonuses when you purchase specific items that are on sale.  Here is how it works.  I am going to take an item from this week’s ad.

Get a $8 RR WYB Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, 12oz $7.99
-$1/1 Complete Multi Purpose Solution, Any 12 Oz. Peelie

Now when you buy the Complete Multi-Purpose Solution you pay $7.99- $1 Coupon = $6.99 + tax.  When you complete your transaction a coupon will print from the Catalina machine that will give you $8 off your next purchase.  This is a manufacturer’s coupon!  You can use it on any item in the store.

Here is where some stores differ!  For whatever reason some stores will only allow you to use one RR per transaction!  I don’t know why, but I can tell you that Publix will gladly take them as a competitor coupon! :) That is what I do with a lot of my Register Rewards.

Also, if you were to purchase the Complete Multi-Purpose solution and get the $8 Register Reward. Then think that you will go back and get another.  Use the Register Reward and do it all over.  SORRY!  The system won’t print the Register Reward if you pay with the same Register Reward.  In other words, you can’t roll them.

If you were to buy the Multi-Purpose Solution and use the $8 Register Reward on a different item that was producing a different Register Reward, that would work!

Very rarely you will see posting on my site, or others that post coupons, that a Register Reward is rolling.  Sometimes they don’t program the computer right, and when that happens, Couponers strike! 😉

Rain Checks

Walgreens does issues rain checks! Rain checks are good for in-store purchases only and valid for 30 days. In some instances, a store employee may authorize the substitution of a similar item of the same brand at the advertised price

Buy One Get One Free Items

If there is a Buy One Get One Free or a Buy Get One 50% Off promotion, you can use 2 coupons for the items. You can also use a Buy One Get One Free coupon for items that are currently part of a Buy One Get One Free promotion-this essentially makes both items FREE! Some Walgreens cashiers will say NO. If that’s the case, then go to a different store or a different cashier. Most coupon friendly cashiers will allow you to do this since they know that the manufacturer will reimburse there store the full amount for the coupons used.

Keep your eyes peeled for clearance tags! There are 2 kinds of clearance tags: orange and yellow. The orange tags are issued from the corporate office, so you should find them at any Walgreens store. The yellow tags are specific to each individual store. You can often pair up clearance items with Walgreens and/or manufacturer’s coupons and score items for FREE!

Coupon Policy

Walgreens is known for having a problem with their coupon policy.  There isn’t one.  Some stores take internet coupons, some won’t.  Some give overage, some don’t.  It just depends on the store, the cashier, or the manager.  I have tried contacting Corporate with no luck.  So, be warned, while there are some great deals to be had.  It may not be as easy as it sounds.


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  1. MelissaK says

    Thanks for the post on Walgreens! I think many people are scared away by horror stories, but it’s a great place to shop once you understand their system. Just wanted to point out, the store coupons don’t count in your coupon total. You can’t have more MFC coupons than items. Love your blog!

  2. says

    I recently got screwed by the cashier at Walgreens.

    Stayfree pads were $6.49. I had 3 B1G1 coupons and Walgreens had $3/1 store coupon. I presented my coupons (3 B1G1 and 3 store coupons) in the correct order, but she knew that the sale flyer had a $3/1 coupon, so she reduced the B1G1 value down to $3.49 even before she saw my store coupons in the pile.. I had anticipated getting them for $.49/2.

    But when they present the B1G1 coupon to the manufacturer they are going to get the full $6.49 + $.08 handling fee.

    • Nancy Thane says

      At that point, I would contact the manufacturer to let them know what happened at that store to you with their product coupon. I’m betting they will raise a ruckus with that store’s corporate office, who I hope in turn will growl at that store. With any luck, they’ll also send you some coupons! It’s worth a shot. :)

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