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Most of your kids are back to school, and if they aren’t they will be soon!  So, with Monday on the horizon I thought I would recap all of own Lunch box recipes from the past few weeks.  That way you have some ideas fresh on your mind for the upcoming week!  Don’t forget to throw a little something special in, like a note, or stickers; something that let’s them know you are thinking of them even while they are at school!

School of Fish Lunch Box idea

BBQ Chicken Wrap


Sweet and Crunchy Chicken Salad

PB&J Waffles

Pepperoni Rolls

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  1. MelissaK says

    You are awesome. I *love* your blog.

    We made the PB&J waffles a couple weeks ago – they are a huge success! My daughter (9) says they’re so much better than bread because they don’t have the yucky crust. She has an egg/cheese/bacon waffle sandwich in the works for breakfast.

    I’m going to try the Pepperoni Rolls next – they look fun.

    • says

      Melissa, you are so sweet. Thanks. The pepperoni rolls are addictive. That should be a disclaimer on the post. I haven’t made them in a while because I eat them all! :)

      You can add cheese to them too if you want, but to be an authentic pepperoni roll, they just need pepperoni.

      If you ask my mom, I should use stick pepperoni and slice it in long little matchsticks. But, I am all about convenience. It’s much easier to use the pepperoni slices. 😉

      Let me know how you like them!

  2. shelly says

    My daughter started 4K this year and her teacher wants parents to send to snacks a month, I was wondering if you have any good recipes for snacks and if they could be alittle on the healthy side?


    • says


      There are lots of cute things you can take. It is hard if there are any allergies in the classroom. You could do popcorn balls, or apples with peanut butter, Ants on a log. Hmmm… I know I have tons more. Maybe a school snack post is in order :)

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