Boca Java: $10/$10 & Free Shipping = FREE!

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I just scored some great gift basket goodies for nearly FREE!

Today only 9/29, get FREE shipping at Boca Java (no coupon code required).  You’ll also be able to get $10 off a $10 purchase when you use promo code cheggoff at checkout.

Of course you’ll find coffee, but I just picked up Tahitian Vanilla Chai Latte Mix and Caramel Praline Cocoa for 14 cents shipped to my door.

The site is running slow right now, so you’ll need to be patient. I think it’s worth it :)

Make sure to come back and let us know whatBoca Java deals you find.

Thanks to the Awesome Give Me Neither


  1. you can also get 5% cashback through EBATES on Boca Java’s website.

  2. I just applied the promo code but it doesn’t show the balance before I enter my credit card info. How do I know it was applied?

  3. i just tried it also, the first time it applied the discount and then timed out when placing the order.

    went back in and it now says as of 1min ago, invalid code.

  4. It keeps saying “invalid code.” Did it do that for you before you got it to work?

  5. Way too slow! I have been trying for about 2 hours and still can’t get through I get all the way in to place my order and then it locks up! I am going to try again tonight.

  6. Oh wait! I got a confirmation email, the neat thing is once you register you get another $5 credit which hopefully could also be used today.

  7. Yes! I had to back out and start all over again (the items were still in my cart) but one of my many attempts seemed to have worked and I think it might be the original try.

  8. FINALLY! At some point it stopped being about the coffee and started being about a conquest. I had hoped it would start playing “We Are the Champions” once it went through.

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