Halloween Frog Bog

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I just couldn’t resist. The holidays are a huge deal when you have kids! Check out our Halloween Frog Bog. Watch the video below for details.

You can find the Printable Frog Bog Recipe Here

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  1. This is REALLY cute!!! I will try this with my kids and I know they will LOVE making them.

  2. How cute! I love to watch projects like this!

  3. Ok, I am so doing this! Love Love Love!

  4. cool, nice job

  5. How adorable is that?! I love it.

  6. Too cute.. love this idea….

  7. This is why I love your blog! You have such awesome ideas! Love it! By the way is there a whip cream that is dairy free?

  8. Every year I would collect fun Halloween recipes and say to myself, “one day….” Well, last year, I went all out and made so much fun food for my family. They had a blast. All year long I have been planning what to do for this year! I think that I am going to add the Frog Bog! Thanks so much!

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