Homemade Christmas: Homemade Vanilla Extract

vanilla extractPhoto Courtesy of Joy Of Baking

I have been eyeballing this one for a while!  I finally broke down and ordered vanilla beans!  They are super easy to find on Amazon!  You only need 3-4 beans per cup of alcohol. I was all prepared to make it and post it….and then I read the instructions.  Let sit for 8 weeks.  Well, darn it!  That won’t be ready in time for Christmas Baking.  It is still a really cool thing to make!

So, order some vanilla beans, get a bottle of vodka (not for drinking) :), and some small jars. If you can’t give it for gifts now, it will definitely be a money saver!  A small bottle of vanilla extract is like $10!  You can make your own for much..much cheaper!

Head over to Joy Of Baking to see how she made this wonderful Vanilla Extract!  It is so easy, you won’t believe it!

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