How Do Cash Back Sites Work?


You will hear me talk about Cash Back sites like Ebates, and Shop at Home.  If you are like me when I first started you are probably confused about how these work.  I am here to help.  Here is an explanation on how they work, when they pay, etc.


Ebates and Shop at Home are the 2 best Cash back sites.  When you sign up for them you will receive a $5 bonus in your account.

What Do They Do

When you are going to shop online, go to their sites first.  Click on the retailer from either Ebates or Shop at home and receive a percent of your purchase back in your account.

When do you get the Cash back

Each site has a payment threshold.  Usually $20.  When you reach that amount in your account they will mail you a check.

Why Should I Bother

These sites are just another way to save money.  You will not make a fortune, but every little bit counts.  There are some great deals that are made better by these companies.  I think it is worth taking the time to sign up.

Refer Friends

Both of these companies offer bonuses if you refer your friends and family to them.  They offer personalized referral links when you sign up.  You will get $5 in your account for each friend that signs up and makes a purchase. This will help you hit your check threshold that much faster!


While both these sites offer a great service you need to compare before you make a purchase.  Sometimes one offers a higher cash back rate than the other.  I will try to always post the best offer in my posts, but if you are going shopping you will want to check for the best deal.


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