How to Burn Calories Around the House

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Many New Years Resolutions have weight loss of one sort or another on the list. I know my list does.  I am still battling this bug, and don’t want to work out yet.   So, I got to thinking, there are other ways to loose weight.  I am a multi-tasker by nature!  You can burn calories doing everyday household chores, playing with the kids, and I am sure doing it with a little one on your hip burns even more. LOL

Here are a few numbers to help you see how many calories you are burning around the house. 

  • Showering & Getting Dressed 26 Calories every 10 minutes
  • Grocery Shopping 130 calories an hour
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping 100 calories every 20 minutes
  • Washing Car 300 Calories an hour
  • Ironing Clothes 150 Calories an hour
  • Walking 220 calories an hour
  • Gardening 360 Calories an hour
  • Mowing the grass (push mower) 400 calories an hour
  • Dancing 400 Calories an hour

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  1. kath g says

    i think i’ll dance while i’m gardening for the maximum burn….i’m listening to music anyway…i’ll just have to be careful with that shovel….lol

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