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With all this talk of Organization we are going to cover the big topic!  STOCKPILES! We teach you to coupon, to stock up when food goes on sale, but now what.  Where do you put it?  How do you organize it? How do you know what is there?  I am here give you a couple pointers.


Edsal 5-Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving, 72 in. Height x 48 in. Width x 24 in. DepthThis is a issue that can vary by household.  I don’t know your situation or how much space you have.  Don’t buy more than you have room to store.  In our home we have a small pantry and a garage.  We have a great sturdy shelf in our garage that holds our canned goods, juices, etc.  It was a little pricey, about $70, but more than worth it.  It holds anything!

We purchased a Freezer last year which was money well invested!  If you have a family, I think a freezer is a must have.  I am able to stock up on meat and frozen goods when they go on sale.

Our cereals, pastas, cookies, crackers, are stored in the Pantry.  Our garage is not air conditioned, and I do not want bugs in our food.  I also don’t want them to go stale before I can use them. Luckily these items go on sale often, so I don’t need to keep large amounts of them at one time.

Out Of Date

010All items have best buy dates.  You need to make sure these items get used before they expire, but how?  Here are some tips to help you use those items before they are out of date.

  • Place newest items toward the back of the shelf or pantry.  That way the oldest items get used first.
  • Don’t buy more than you can use before it expires.
  • Plan meals around soon to expire items so they aren’t wasted.
  • Donate extra goods to a local food pantry if you will not be able to use them before their expiration date.

Know what you Have

How many times have you gone to dig through your pantry or freezer and said, “Wow, I didn’t know I had that?'” ~Slowly raises hand~  We are going to take care of that problem right now.  I made this handy dandy Stockpile Stash List Just print one and write down items as you purchase them and add them to your stockpile.  As you use them, cross them off.

This is the most helpful for the freezer.  I hate digging down in there, freezing my fingers, just to find that the last pound of ground beef is gone. I plan on pulling everything out of the freezer and writing down what is in there this week.  No more frozen fingers! :)

Everyday Pantry Items

003I could tell you the only way to get your pantry organized is to purchase all the specialty storage containers, but that isn’t true.  You don’t need to purchase anything special to get organized.  I have just a regular shoebox size plastic container on the bottom shelf of our pantry to hold the kids snacks.  It is a great size for granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.  Small plastic containers are amazing for organizing seasoning packets, Oatmeal pouches, any type of like items.

I do highly recommend large plastic containers for flour, sugar, rice, etc.  I keep mine in these Rubbermaid food containers and love it!  It makes it much easier to keep fresh, and see what I have.

You pantry is just a smaller version of your stockpile.  Keep older items to the front so they are used first, and try to organize like items together.  Try to store items you use on a daily basis where they are easily accessible.  Other items can be stored on the higher shelves.


This is another odd thing to organize.  I have seen extreme stockpilers with bins of shampoo, deodorant, and more.  I only keep what we will use I the next couple months on hand.  I have a shelf in my closet for these items. The small shoebox sized plastic bins are perfect for these.  You could also get another shelf for your garage for toiletries and cleaning items.  I have threatened but I have done that yet.

It comes down to purchasing and organizing for the space you have.  Trying to use items before they expire, and planning around what you have.

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  1. Jul says

    You know those little racks that hang on the ends of shelves in convenience stores? The ones where they clip single bags of chips or peanuts? These are the same little racks that are in grocery stores with the maddening (cheaply made) expensive toy that your child decides they MUST have in that instant?

    I have two of those in my house. They hold snacks for the kids in a vertical system that does not take up any shelf or floor space in our tiny pantry.

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