The First Cuts: Know Your Stores Coupon Policy


I was going through some of my Beginners posts, and found a few topics I wanted to touch on.  This is one of them.

When you are learning to coupon and save money on groceries there is one thing that you have to do first.  Learn your store’s coupon policy.

Every store’s coupon policy is different.  Here are some things that can vary by store.

  • Coupons Can Double
  • Accepts Competitors
  • Allows Stacking
  • Allows Overage
  • Price Matching
  • Internet Coupon Limits
  • and more

Once you know your store’s coupon policy you will be an educated shopper.  You will have a smoother checkout process, you will know how to plan your trip and savings, and you will save yourself many problems.

How to find out your Store’s Policy

You can contact your store’s customer service desk and they are usually more than helpful to share their policy.

You can also look online on your store’s website.  While some store’s sites do not include this information, some do.  It makes it very handy to be able to print and keep this information with you while you are shopping.

Major Coupon Policies

Here are some coupon policy links for major retailers.

If you are new to couponing or just need a refresher course, Check out all of my Beginners Posts HERE!


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