When Extreme Couponing isn’t Possible

Extreme Couponing is on the horizon again.  TLC has turned it into a full series.  Now, I know this is a heated discussion on both ends of the spectrum and I am not getting into that.  What I do want to discuss is what happens if your stores don’t play along. What happens if you can’t get the same savings?

This Florida girl is used to shop at Publix – Where shopping is a pleasure.  Uh, Yeah it is!  Their BOGO deals, and coupon stacking make it easy to save money.  While I was depressed that they didn’t double coupons, I could still save money weekly without a problem.  If I wanted to Extreme Coupon it was possible.

Then there are those of you that have those Kroger deals with double coupons.  That is where you can rake in some mega savings.  I am reminded of a recent article that I saw. Some of the most extreme couponers are in the southeast.  I now know why!

Stores other places don’t offer the same great savings and deals!  Since moving to Iowa it has been very difficult for me to have the same type of Extreme Savings.  The stores here do not offer BOGOs or Double Coupons.  Their sales really aren’t that great either.  I have found that my best bet is Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.

I understand that stores have to make a profit. How is it that the Extreme Savings stores of the Southeast are able to show a profit with their mega savings??  They are so enticing to customers that they make up for those savings in quantity of product sold.  Plus, not every shopper uses coupons and takes advantage of the savings.

If this is true, and the stores make their money back ten fold, how do we convince the other stores to play along?  I wish I knew.  All I can say is that the customers need to speak up.  Tell your stores what you want.  What you would like to see. What would make you more loyal to their store.  These are all things that get big chains listening.

So, does the store in your area offer great deal? Or do you feel left out of the Extreme Couponing craze?


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  1. patti says

    I’m fortunate to have several Kroger stores near me…now that they’ve changed their coupon policy so that you can’t use an e-coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon it hurts a little, but I still managed to pick up 14 boxes of pasta and several cans of tomatoes for free this week, so not too bad.

  2. Bertha says

    I do live where kroger does double/ triple coupons. But as of April 13 they will no longer offer that. Which is very dissapointing. I do feeel that due to the new extreme couponing show it has affected the ones who did it to save money on our grocery bill. But it was great while it lasted.

  3. Melissa Ceccofiglio says

    I live in So Fla…and we have Publix like you mentioned….but dont feel too sad about missing it because they are REALLY tightening the reigns on coupons too….My stores here in Broward county will not accept anything but Winn Dixie coupons as competitors…yes the BOGO’s help greatly but they too are not as good as they have been in past years…kinda seems like the same old is always BOGO….Now dont get me wrong I LOVE my Publix because with out it My family of 4 would not survive on $300 a month for food and drug stores but I wish they took more competitor coupons….

  4. Jabberjawzz says

    I shop at Publix in Florida. I have pretty good savings with the BOGOs and coupons. My store will take Target, WInn Dixie and Sweetbay competitor coupons but they will not accept Walgreens or CVS coupons. I noticed they have been tightening down and so have the cashiers. I only shop Publix because of How I can shop. They are a lot more expensive than Walmart in General so if they ever got rid of their good deals at Publix then I would have to go back to Walmart.

    As for the Extreme Couponing show. It was CRAZY but they almost all said it was their biggest trip ever so it’s not like they go that overboard Every week. If we all did that. Their would be no groceries to buy and stores would have to change their policies.

  5. says

    I’m with you in Iowa – but I live between IA City and QCA in a little town. I have to drive 15 minutes just to get to Walmart and 30 min to Target! It might be a little more work than some people who live near great grocery stores, but I still manage to get pretty good deals and feed my family of 6 a healthy, whole diet on $250 a month. I price match @ Walmart, shop at Aldi & (Sam’s Club sometimes), and play the drug store game. There is also a great store called Jewel-Osco on the IL side of the QCA that does fabulous catalina deals and BOGO. I pay attention to their deals and when it’s in full swing over there, it’s worth the 45 min drive for me to stock up on some great items. I also really like Fareway’s meat counter and the fact that they price match to HyVee. I think HyVee sometimes has better meat prices, but I find the meat superior at Fareway.

    • Christie says

      I was told Meijer doubles coupons (i’m in michigan too) is this not true? I’m just trying to start out couponing and not getting the hang of it :( any suggestions?

      • says


        Meijer Doubles on a store by store basis. You will have to ask your stores customer service department if they do double and what their coupon policy is. Hang around here for a while. You will catch on in no time! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

        • Marie says

          I’m in Ludington, MI, there is no coupon doubling at my Meijers or any other store around me :(
          Do you have any suggestions as to how to approach a store on double couponing?
          Has anyone successfully gotten a store to change their policy and actually start double coupons?
          Is that even possible?

  6. says

    I live in Colorado and shop at Target and King Soopers (Kroger). King Soopers will double up to $1 and even though they say no e-coupons with Mfg coupons, they still go through okay. Between these two, I can usually rake in some pretty good deals. The mega events at King Soopers are awesome. I just got 32 boxes of pasta and noodles for free! I did four different trips at two different stores and DID NOT clear the shelves; they had tons at both of my stores. I do worry about the impact of Extreme Couponers, though. I had one cashier bring ot up so far and I just chatted her up about how they staged the trips and had to ask special permission. Her comment was “I figured it had to be something like that.”

  7. edith turner says

    here in san antonio tx we have walmart target and HEB. HEB is pretty much useless for couponing, no stacking, no doubling, and I swear that before a holiday they clear the shelves of the cheaper brands so we have to buy the top of the price-range stuff. 7 or 8 years ago Albertsons left and there is no competion now. I wish we could get Kroger here. I do great at CVS &Walgreens.

    • LIZETTE says

      I too live in San Antonio, Tx. I just started paying with coupons 3 weeks ago. And it has been a pain mainly due to they don’t want to take a coupon if it doesn’t scan. And yes they don’t allow you to stack coupons like other stores do. I totally agree that HEB has a tight market here and it’s not for the good.

      • elsa says

        i also live in s.a. the sales r horrible!! we cant stack coupons at walgreens they make me choose!!! they dnt even know that is totally wrong …. but not even if u take the policy will they allow it… i hate it…. i wanna quit not even worth it sometimes. . . .

  8. says

    I live in NE Ohio in the land of Giant Eagle. I am able to score some great deals at Giant Eagle due to their double coupon policy. I can often get items for free or almost free. About 2 years ago they planned on pulling their double coupon policy and the response was huge that they kept it in place! Another way we save at Giant Eagle is the ability to earn FuelPerks for free gas and FoodPerks for up to 20% off your grocery bill. Even with these programs I probably only buy 25-50% of my groceries there. I love Aldi’s and a local discount chain Marc’s!

  9. says

    My husband and I both work full-time, but on opposite schedules so one of us is always home with our two boys. I would love to be able to spend more time getting all the good deals from multiple stores, but I only have time for a trip to one grocery store (I go to a Kroger with douple coupons up to $1 – Sadly there are no Publix in Ohio) and one other store (I choose Target) each week. Our Target isn’t a SuperTarget, but a lot of their food items cost less than at Kroger and they have such great printable store coupons. I compare the prices between the two stores and try to pick up the best deals I can for what we need and stock up when there are sales AND coupons for items we use regularly. So, while I wish I could get in on extreme couponing, I guess for me it is a trade off between all the best deals and my family time/work. Of course, thanks to “A Few Shortcuts” and some of the sites it’s linked to, it’s easier for me to find the savings at the places I do shop. So… thanks!

  10. Ang says

    I love, love, love Publix! You are SO right, it was a pleasure to shop there while I lived in SC. However, I now live in TX where there is a monopoly on grocery stores and my only option is HEB (not coupon friendly what-so-ever and don’t have extreme savings at all unless you buy their brand). I’ve had to adapt and now shop Super Walmart, Super Target, Walgreens and CVS which I would barely have taken a foot in previously.

  11. Marella says

    We have Schnucks and Dierbergs that will double up to 40 cents and no more that 15 coupons doubled. We have Walgreens, Super Walmart and Target all in close distance so I am able to do them all. I also, hear my knocking on wood, don’t have any real big issues with coupons at these locations.

  12. kerri says

    i live in moulton iowa and drive 20 mins to get to a fareway hyvee dollar general or walmart and about 45 mins to get to a super walmart walgreens and target . i am new to the couponing . i got very interested after watching the extreme couponing show so i havent got to do any trips yet so i am curious to see what kind of saving i can pull off. does anybody know if you can double coupons there? and what exactly does double coupons mean?? i no at some of them i can use a man coupon and a store coupon but thats really all i no!

  13. Jessica says

    I live in Altoona, Iowa we have target, walmart. walgreens. HyVee, Dollar General and Fareway right here. None of them do double coupons or take e-cards. If we could get one store here to take them we would be able to save alot more. Some of our stores will do a one or two day ad with some really good savings then but wish they would double and take cards. I do have to say that I do shop at all the stores for great deal and have cut my grocery budget in half since I have started doing major couponing.

  14. Debi says

    Jessica, I too live real close to Altoona and made my first coupon trip yesterday 11/19. I have no idea what I am doing but did all my shopping at the Walmart because they match everyone’s prices and coupons as long as a price is listed. I will say most of Walmarts prices are the cheapest between Walmart, Target, HyVee, Walgreens, Dollar General, Fareway and even Aldis. I studied all the ads, compared prices and circled the lowest price I was going to ask Walmart to match. Just starting out so I did not have a big supply of coupons so had to buy some items without coupons. They only asked me to see a couple of the price matches and matched everything. The day I was there, there they had NO brown sugar except 2 Great Value for 1.68. Fareway had C&H 2# on sale for $1.18 and I asked if I could have the Great Value at that price…only because I did NOT want to go to another store, They gave it to me no problem. I had $18.50 in coupons my first trip. Not great but learning.

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