I Went On a Green Giant Valley Visit


Ok guys, I have kept you waiting long enough.  I was honored enough to be invited to go on a Green Giant Valley Visit.  The great people at Green Giant flew me to Le Seur, MN for a tour of how it all works. I will never look at corn the same way again…Seriously!

green giant bloggers

Green Giant invited 23 bloggers from all different backgrounds to share how Green Giant preserves freshness, reduces pesticide use, and ensures you have the best tasting veggies on your kitchen table.

green giant sign

We toured the Green Giant test facility. No cameras allowed but we got to see how the corn goes from the field to the freezer or the can.  Here is a picture of me a few other bloggers being interviewed in our fancy hard hats & hair nets.

Green giant lunch

We were then treated to the most quaint lunch at the Werth Farm.  The food was unbelievably amazing!

gg food

After they rolled me away from the table…literally.

Rolled away

We learned more about how Green Giant grows and chooses corn seeds, and we were able to tour a test crop.  We were even allowed to pick some corn to bring home.  Too bad I just had a carry on bag.  I couldn’t fit any in my bag.

me in corn

Then,  Jessica from Utah Deal Diva, Me and Sarah from A Thrifty Mom got the scoop about all things Green Giant.  Ok, I know that was “Corn”y but I couldn’t resist. :)


Then, if we hadn’t eaten enough we went back to the Green Giant facilities for an official corn taste test.  You would be surprised at how different the individual varieties taste. And the taste difference from canned to frozen corn.  Plus, did you know that the small Green Giant Nibblets cans have the same amount of corn as the big cans?   They just have less liquid and are vacuum packed.

taste test

Then to complete our very busy day we headed over to the Le Suer Museum to see the Green Giant Room.  It is full of everything Green Giant that you could ever imagine!


There was a ton of old labels, advertisements, and even original equipment used to process veggies.


After the museum we traveled back to the hotel, and had another amazing meal at Bar La Grassa.

My trip to Green Giant was incredible.  I honestly never knew how involved the whole process of getting veggies to my kitchen table was.  We get complacent about convenience of opening the freezer case at the grocery store and having nutritious veggies for our families.  There is a major process involved from scientists, to farmers, to manufacturers, to distribution, to our tables.

My eyes were really opened to how Green Giant looks at vegetables as “the next big thing”.  They want us to eat their veggies not to boost sales, but to improve America’s overall health.  They are doing their best to reduce pesticides, fertilizer, and the total amount of land it takes to grow your food.  Green Giant works with American farmers to plant, tend and harvest their corn & peas to get them frozen or canned within 8 hours of their peak freshness.  THAT IS AMAZING!

I honestly will never look at another vegetable the same way.  I have now seen with my own eyes how Green Giant operates and I doubt I will ever buy another brand of vegetables…they were that impressive.

A huge thank you to Green Giant for sending me to Le Suer to share this process and their company with me.



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