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coupon clutch
I am always getting asked how I organize my coupons.  There are so many ways and none of them are wrong. I personally combine a couple.  I file my inserts and keep my loose and printables in a binder. My binder until recently was huge! But I was trying to put all of my coupons in it…that was too exhausting.  So I downsized to a coupon clutch for my loose coupons and I am in LOVE!

Coupon Clutch is a great Binder System!  They are not only cute, but extremely useful! They just added some new designs too! When I first looked at them I thought they were kinda pricey until I found out more about them.  They are each hand made when you order.  They do not come out of a factory.  They come off of a Mom’s Kitchen Table.  I admire that she is working so hard to earn some extra money for her family!  For the quality, and time spent you are getting an awesome deal! You can also order just the pattern if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Right now Coupon Clutch is offering A Few ShortCuts readers a great $5 off a $25 Order coupon! Just use code TAKE5! Head to Coupon Clutch now to check out all of their super cute designs! They really are a great couponing tool!


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