Recyclebank: Passport for the Planet Point Earning Opportunity

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I love earning points with Recyclebank for free high value coupons and more!

Celebrate Earth Month with Recyclebank’s emissions-free, around-the-world adventure in sustainability! Each week, explore a new continent, learn sustainable stories from around the world, enter to win incredible prizes including vacations to Florida and Amazon gift cards, and earn serious Recyclebank Points – more than 500 points in all. Europe has already been unlocked, and today you can earn 85 more points in Asia.

There are also several new point earning opportunities on Recyclebank if you take a look around. Just login or Register, then click Earn Points at the top and you should see all of these (or any others you may have missed)

New to Recyclebank?

Sign up for FREE here. Recyclebank partners with some recycling centers, and businesses to give you chances to earn points for being eco-friendly.

Earn RecycleBank Points that are good for all kinds of green actions like using renewable energy, reusing products, digital downloads, recycling your electronic waste, and much more. One of the rewards is FREE COUPONS!


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