Way Better Snacks: What is Sprouted?

Until a couple months ago, I had no idea what Way Better Snacks were. We usually try every gluten free snack that comes down the pike. My son is gluten free and he is my snacky kid.  If it is a chip, pretzel, cereal or cookie, he is all about it!  I really don’t know how I missed these to begin with, but I am glad my friend Melissa told me about them! They are AMAZING! The kind of amazing that you open a bag, eat the bag, then realize they are actually good for you! Plus, they come in so many flavors, if you don’t care for one, you are sure to find another that you love! The kids love that they make snack size bags for their lunchboxes! I found them at both Fareway and Hy-Vee.  You can see if they have them at your store here.

Way Better Snacks make Tortilla Chips in several flavors; Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply So Sweet Chili, Simply Beyond Black Bean, Simply Sweet Potato, Simply Unbeatable Blues, and no salt Naked Blues. My personal favorite is the Simply Sweet Potato or the multi grain. Well…it is just so hard to pick, I really do love them all!

If I had to name the one fact that impresses me the most about Way Better, it would have to be that these snacks are sprouted (and gluten free of course)! What is sprouted?  Well, Way Better Snacks are Sprouted Tortilla Chips. This means these chips are full of seeds that are pre-germinated.  This has so many benefits you wouldn’t believe it. I had never heard about it until Way Better.  The sprouting process increases digestibility, increases the vitamins, increased antioxidants, and so much more.  So not only are you eating a chip…you are eating a chip that is Way Better for you! There aren’t many chips out there that you can feed your kids that have broccoli seeds inside.  SERIOUSLY! These are that healthy and they will never know!

If you want to learn more about sprouting check out this great video that Way Better put together.  It explains it “Way Better” than I could.

As you can see by my stash on the top of the fridge Way Better Snacks are now a staple in my house.  So much so, that I am now a Way Better Snacks Brand Ambassador! Stay tuned for Way Better Recipes, Giveaways, and so much more!


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  1. Stephanie says

    I love these snacks! Sweet Chili is my fave :) My son loves pretty much all of them and he is eating a gluten free diet to help with his Autism. Love, love , love these chips!

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