75% off at Cardstore & They Will Mail Them for FREE (It’s Back!)

I am so excited this amazing deal is back for you guys to take advantage of! I can’t stress enough what an amazing deal this really is.  I ordered custom photo Christmas cards for pennies more than a stamp. I didn’t have to wait for them, go to the post office, or buy stamps.  I didn’t have to sit at the dinner table for an hour addressing each envelope. I seriously clicked and made my card in less than 5 minutes.  I then typed in each address that I wanted it mailed too.  It took me about 10 minutes.

The fact that I got these cards 75% off with coupon code THANKS4U and FREE STAMPS is just icing on the cake! I mailed 20 cards and it cost me $9.95.  That is it!  A book of 20 stamps would have cost me $9! UNBELIEVABLE!

Now if you need more cards, you can actually get them a bit cheaper because you will get a bulk discount on top of their already low price.

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