doTerra Essential Oils Starter Kit $250 ($435 Value)

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I know you guys have seen me post about Essential Oils lately. (You can see some of my posts here) I love them. They are great to have for natural remedies around the house.  I don’t mind using them on my kids, in fact, I am much more comfortable using them then over the counter medications.

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I wanted to let you know that right now you can get a HUGE deal if you want to place an order before May 15th. If you spend $250 you will receive the

  • Home Essentials Kit ($291 Value)
  • Deep Blue Rub and Oil ($124.33 Value)
  • A Mystery freebie ($20 Value)
  • and you will receive 25% discount on all future orders for 12 months

That is $435 worth of products for $250! Plus the bonus 25% off future orders! That is huge!

If you haven’t heard about Deep Blue before it is amazing. It is a miracle cream. I have knee problems from time to time . I just rubbed some on the outside of my knee the other day and within minutes I was able to walk much easier.

I know that it is still a huge investment, but think of it as investing in your families health. We have not used a single over the counter medication since beginning to use essential oils. I can only imagine the amount of money saved by the end of the year! If you are interested just shoot me an email at [email protected] in order to get the mystery freebie I have to help you place your order.

If you are interested in doing a little essential oil shopping without buying the big kit yet, you can check out the essential oils at (my affiliate link)

As always if you have ANY questions feel free to email me. I would love to help you figure out which oils would benefit you and your family! :)


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