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I am so excited that we have yet another way to save at Target! There’s a brand new savings program called Cartwheel by Target offering even more opportunities to get great deals! You can get as much as an additional 30% off on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more.  My favorite part is that Cartwheel stacks! You can use One Manufacturer Coupon, One Target Coupon, and One Cartwheel Offer per item! That is 3 times the savings!

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You will need to have a Facebook account to earn savings. Target has partnered with Facebook in hopes that you will spread the word on these deals through Facebook. Each time you select a Cartwheel offer, ie. 5% off Fresh Berries or 5% off Cocal-Cola, it appears on the Facebook newsfeed. Your friends will see what your are saving on and hopefully save too! Just so you know, you do have the option to adjust your privacy settings if you do not wish to show this information.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 9.31.25 PMIf you want to get started just go to Cartwheel by Target and log in to your facebook account. Then click on Collections (the Star icon) to start browsing thru the offers.

You can also use the browse button and sort by category. To select an offer, just click on the card and it flips over showing a red “add button”. As you select offers, you will fill spots in your Cartwheel. You are automatically given 10 spots to start with, and then after that, you can earn more by unlocking Cartwheel badges. I unlocked more spots by having friends join and redeeming offers. Don’t worry if you add too many, you can remove offers if you change your mind.

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Before you go to the store you can print your Cartwheel discount barcode from your desktop at home, or you can use your mobile device in the store and access your barcode using your mobile browser, ie. Safari, Firefox, etc. There is no app required. Just go to and login, then click on your shopping cart and your barcode will come up. The cashier will scan it and the savings will be applied directly on all of the Cartwheel offers on your list.

A few technical things to keep in mind about Cartwheel

  • The Cartwheel discount is taken AFTER Target Coupons and BEFORE manufacturer coupons.
  • An IDENTICAL Offer can be applied a maximum of FOUR times in a single Transaction.
  • There is a maximum of 6 DIFFERENT Cartwheel Offers per day for a maximum total of 24 Cartwheel discounts.

Happy saving! Don’t miss this weeks Target deals



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