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I am Amanda, the lone crazy woman behind A Few Short Cuts. I am the one posting the deals, cooking, crafting, and more.

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I am a stay at home mom of 3: 13, almost 10, and 6. And I am lucky enough to be married to the same handsome guy for the last 14 years. If we aren’t home, we are at the beach. I mean, if you lived 10 minutes from the beach isn’t that where you would be?

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And then there is this guy. Say Hello to Pudge. He is our Basset Hound puppy. When he isn’t howling at EVERYTHING, he is begging for a banana. Do you know how hard it is to say no to that face? Yeah….he usually gets a bite of banana.

So What is A Few Short Cuts?

A Few Short Cuts is a modge podge of deals, coupons, recipes, crafts and tips to save you time & money in every aspect of your life. Ok, every aspect might be going a little far, but if I can use it, or it saves me time….you will find it here. I am all about sharing my tips with you guys. Time and money are two precious commodities we can all use more of. If I can help someone with A Few Short Cuts, that makes my day better.


I have a passion for baking and I love to cook. So you will find all kinds of recipes in the recipe index. My kids make things interesting because I have one allergic to milk, and one allergic to wheat. You will find many gluten free, dairy free recipes in the mix.

Where is Your Cape?

HA, no I am no super hero. Some days I am lucky to make it to the computer with all of the craziness at my house.  So please keep in mind, there will be typos, I am human, and I try my best. I am just lil’ ole me trying to help others A Few Short Cuts at a time.

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