Take 10 Gift Basket Idea

Take 10-1

Summer time is meant to be a  time for relaxation. A time to recharge and rejuvenate. When you are a parent that sometimes goes out the window. We have all been in that place where the kids are going in 10 different directions, they are bored, they are hungry, somebody is sick….you are no longer a […]

Ocean in A Jar

Ocean In A Bottle-7

My kids love doing fun projects over the Summer. I love doing them too. Not only do we usually learn something, but it is just nice spending quality time with them. Today I sat down with Audrey and made this Ocean in a Jar.  We are getting ready for Shark Week, so we are learning […]

Personalized Water Bottles

custom water bottles-2

I knew the kids and I would be out and about all summer long. The biggest thing I always hear is “I’m Thirsty!”. We are going to take care of that problem right now. We made them each their own Personalized Water Bottle. I have been keeping them full of water and in the fridge […]

Patriotic Garland

Patriotic Garland-2-2

The kids and I have been busy decorating things for Summer today. What is more Summer than the 4th of July? I love the look of Red, White, & Blue decorations. Today we tried out this adorable Patriotic Garland. I gathered the supplies! Empty and cleaned used k-cups Jute rope (or other string) Red, white & blue […]

Homemade Bubble Wands


Gone are the days of cheesy kids crafts. How many bracelets does one need??  We have hit the big leagues folks. The kids aren’t impressed with finger painting, or weaving pot holders. But this…..this had their attention. HELLO Homemade Bubble Wands! Last year we made The Best Homemade Bubble Solution Ever. Seriously it rocks, if you […]