Simple Fall Flower Wreath


Y’all it doesn’t get much easier than this! This Simple Fall Flower Wreath turns out so cute! It cost me roughly $8 to make….plus I have left over craft supplies. Most everything was bought at the dollar store too! SCORE! My girls are in love with it. Strangely enough, my son even took the time […]

How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled


Y’all. A moment of genius as occurred. You know when you reach in your backpack, purse, or drawer for those earbuds and they are all in a wad. It takes 5 minutes just to get them untangled so you can use them.  NO MORE! I have the simplest DIY to show you How to Keep […]

DIY Flower Wall Mirror


I love going to Target or the local Home Goods store and just wondering around looking at pretty & stylish home decor. Sometimes I will snag something, but for the most part I hate to spend money on stuff like that. When you are on a budget, it just isn’t a priority.  I found a […]

DIY Pencil Case


As soon as I saw this idea, I knew I had to give it a try! Kids love fun items with their favorite brand or characters. With Back to School upon us, this DIY Pencil Box craft made from cereal boxes was just too awesome! These only take minutes to put together and it’s a […]

DIY Handmade Journal


The ease of this project is going to blow your mind!  I bet you never imagined that you could make your own Custom Handmade Journal in minutes. PLUS….it’s a recycled project. This DIY Handmade Journal is made from a cereal box! NO JOKE! I made a couple for my kids earlier, and they have already […]

DIY Chalkboard Coasters


Cute, Affordable, Useful, & Simple. Crafts don’t get much better than this.  These DIY Chalkboard Coasters are practical & fun! Supplies Plain White Tiles ($0.13 each at Home Depot) Chalkboard Spray Paint Chalk Adhesive felt stickers (optional) Directions – #1. Make sure your tiles are clean. Lay down a large piece of paper or an […]

Best Homemade Bubble Solution


I have to admit we are new converts to homemade bubble solution. I usually buy a big jug of bubbles at the beginning of the summer and pray it lasts, or doesn’t get kicked over. Let me tell you….we won’t be doing that ever again! These homemade bubbles rock! We have made bigger bubbles than […]

Pool Noodle Hurdles


The best $10 I ever spent! The kids and I spent the morning at Dollar Tree snagging pool noodles and pencils.  We got a couple odd looks at the checkout, but that is all we needed.  We came home and started setting up our backyard obstacle course. These Pool Noodle Hurdles take less than 5 […]

DIY Jellyfish Decorations


I made these a while back, and I am just getting around to typing up the post, but what better time than summer to talk jellyfish?! My littlest wanted an under the sea room.  So we went crazy with bubbles on the walls, aquarium and more.  It really turned out so cute, but her favorite […]

How to Make Bouncy Balls


The kids and I are on a mission to make 1 fun science project every Friday all summer long. This last week we decided to try our hands at Homemade Bouncy Balls. I originally saw these on Pinterest and thought I would give them a shot. PS. You can follow me on Pinterest, I am […]

Homemade Jar Candles

Homemade Jar Candles

My eyes have been opened! I love candles, but I don’t love the price tag. Those fancy jar candles can cost big bucks. They are nice to have around the house in case the power goes out or just for scent.  I thought I would try my hand at making Homemade Jar Candles. WOW It […]

Easy Flower Pot Bunnies


Easy Kids Craft: Flower Pot Bunnies The kids and I love to get our hands dirty with a good craft project, but I love it when they are easy enough for the kids to take over themselves. These Easy Flower Pot Bunnies turned out ADORABLE. They will make their appearance year after year with our […]

Simple Mothers Day Plaque


Simple Mother’s Day Plaque My kids love to make me something special for Mothers Day, with a little help from Dad.  It is important to them to feel like they made me something I love! Check out these directs on how to Create this Simple Mother’s Day Plaque using just a handful of items from […]