Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars


One of my favorite flavors of all time: PUMPKIN! I don’t know that I have ever turned down a recipe with pumpkin in it. That is one of the most exciting things about fall to me. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I have passed my love of pumpkin on to my children, even the picky one. They too […]

Gluten Free Apple Almond Bars & Publix® Gift Card Giveaway


It’s time to stock the pantry and fridge with healthy after school snacks, and things to pack in lunchboxes.  My littlest loves to get in the kitchen and help so I try to find easy recipes for her. Plus, if it is Gluten Free & Dairy Free we love it because that means everyone at […]

Refrigerator Oatmeal


I have a little one who is addicted to snacking. The first thing she does is open the fridge and look for a yogurt, or carrots, or ANYTHING that sounds like it would make a great snack. She is going to break the bank with her drinking yogurt habit. I have never seen a kid […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Twinkie


So it has been a little over 6 years since my son has eaten gluten. Food allergies can make it hard to fit in when you are a kid. Especially when you see everyone around you enjoying snack cakes, cupcakes, special treats in their lunchboxes. Like any good mama I try to find recipes for […]

Kid Friendly Simple Rice Pudding

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I love getting my kids in the kitchen to help me cook. It really boosts their confidence when I give them a recipe that they can put together themselves with a little help.  They love learning new tricks in the kitchen depending on their skill level, and little do they know I am secretly working […]

Chocolate Chip Icebox Cake


I was new to the world of icebox cakes until a couple years ago. My eyes were opened to these little no-bake cakes of awesomeness.  The are basically cookies and cream layered with other amazing bits of goodness, and refrigerated at least overnight. The cream softens the cookies until you have this soft tasty cake […]

Stuffed French Toast Muffins


THESE ARE EPIC!!! Sorry to bust out in all caps right off the bat, but y’all don’t understand.   These Stuffed French Toast Muffins are out of this world amazing. The kind of amazing that makes you go back for more…. and then wish you made them more often…. and then bake some fresh french […]

Simple S’More Snack Mix


I am not ready for Summer to be over, and I know the kids aren’t. BUT….it is time. In a few days the kids will be heading back to school, and making new friends. The only thing…… It’s still Summer….Technically. The season doesn’t end just because the school district’s calendar starts early. The days are […]

Kickin’ Potato Wedges


I love finding new ways to kick dinner up a notch. There are only so many times I can serve regular ole’ french fries as a side in a week.  I am pretty sure my kids could just eat the fries by themselves for dinner at this point and be happy. ME on the other […]

Pioneer Woman’s Mac & Cheese


I would love to take credit for this recipe! It has been made in my house nothing short of a gazillion times! I have walked many miles on the treadmill just so I could enjoy a big creamy bowl of THE BEST EVER Mac & Cheese.  This is simply the best you will ever make, […]

Quick & Easy Oven Baked Flounder


I am always looking for new quick, delicious & affordable dinner ideas that the entire family will eat. Because I wish that everyone sat down and ate the same thing more often! I hit it out of the park with this Quick & Easy Oven Baked Flounder. It is so family friendly! I bought this bag […]

Beach Bum Chex Mix


We love heading to the beach! And you can’t go to the beach without snacks! This Beach Bum Chex Mix was a natural creation, and super simple! The Goldfish crackers make this so much fun. There are so many varieties you can add, plus you can even find some Generic cracker whales, sharks, and more […]

Chocolate Espresso Cookie Crisps


Y’all know I love my morning cup of coffee. The only thing that makes that cup of coffee better is a cookie. Make that cookie chocolate, and it may as well be a party! These Chocolate Espresso Cookie Crisps are a treat that will brighten an afternoon break or provide an elegant ending to an […]