Expired Coupons

us military

With all the coupons that I have that expire it seems a waste to throw them away! Well, it is! So A Few ShortCuts has adopted a military base to send our coupons to!

You can do it to! This is for all A Few ShortCuts readers and I hope we can show our service men and women how much we appreciate them by helping them and their families save money!

Us Military can use coupons up to 6 months after expiration. So, gather your coupons that expired in the last month or 2 and send them to…

Volunteer Coordinator
Navy FSC
PSC 811
FPO AE 09609

Customs Form Needed

The U.S.P.S. also requires Customs Form 2976-A be attached to the outside of the mailer when sending directly to a base overseas. Use the description “Manufacturer’s Coupons” and record the value as “–$0.00–“. Be sure to check the “Gift” box on the form and for them to return the coupons if there are problems if using Priority Mail. This will allow time to resend them to another base.

You will always find this info at the top of the page under the coupons tab.