FREE One Pea (A twist on Princess and the Pea) Kindle Book (was $1.99)

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  The perfect FREEBIE for your little princess! Snag One Pea (A Humorous Twist on The Princess and the Pea) for FREE (Was $1.99) In a quest to find a true princess to marry the prince, seven sisters from another kingdom are invited to stay at the royal castle and sleep on a pile of mattresses with […]

FREE Lunch Box Recipes: Healthy Lunchbox Recipes for Kids Kindle Book (Was $3.99)

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Go now to download Lunch Box Recipes: Healthy Lunchbox Recipes for Kids. A Common Sense Guide & Gluten Free Paleo Lunch Box Cookbook for School & Work (Paleo Recipes: Paleo … Lunch, Dinner & Desserts Recipe Book) FREE (Was $3.99) With over 90 illustrated allergy free, healthy lunchbox recipe ideas, this book will have your […]

FREE Suzy Snowflake Kindle Book

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This is such a cute book for the winter. Snag Suzy Snowflake Kindle Edition for FREE Suzy is a snowflake fairy who starts to notice that she looks different than those around her and this worries Suzy. When one of her friends sees Suzy praying to God he becomes curious. Suzy shows him how to pray […]

FREE Gooseberry Patch Circle Of Friends Pies, Crisps, & Cobblers (was $0.99)

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Gooseberry Patch Harvest Recipes Kindle Edition $0.99 (Was $5.99)

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FREE The Pitcher by William Hazelgrove Kindle Edition (Was $9.99)

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Here is a great free kindle book. It was in the Children’s section, but this looks like it’s for older kids, even young adults. Download The Pitcher Kindle Edition FREE (Was $9.99) The Pitcher, is a classic story of baseball, the price of dreams, and the lessons of life. A mythic baseball story about a […]

FREE Gooseberry Patch Circle of Friends Barbeqcue Recipes Kindle Edition (was $.99)

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Go now and snag this Gooseberry Patch Circle of Friends Cookbook – 25 Barbecue Recipes Kindle Edition for FREE (Was $0.99) It’s a cookout! Gather your family & friends to savor this collection of 25 of our most taste-tempting recipes for grilling and barbecue favorites…from Hawaiian Grilled Pork Chops and Sensational Sirloin Kabobs to Dijon […]

FREE Wilderness Survival Kindle Edition (Was $19.95)

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My son is loving this freebie! Snag Wilderness Survival Kindle Edition for FREE (was $19.95) A comprehensive, well-organized, and user-friendly guide to staying alive in the backcountry. With concise explanations and detailed illustrations, survival expert Gregory Davenport covers the five basic elements of survival–personal protection, signaling, finding food and water, travel, and health–providing the reader […]

FREE Drawing Ideas Just Objects Kindle Edition (was $2.99)

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Amazon has a great free kindle book to keep the kids busy for a little while. Download the FREE Kindle Edition of Drawing Ideas : Just Objects (Was $2.99) Drawing Ideas: Just Objects contains over one hundred ideas you can take wherever you and your sketchbook go. More than just a book full of pictures, […]

Gooseberry Patch Simple Shortcut Recipes Kindle Edition $0.99 (Was $13.99)

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FREE How to Draw Birds (was $0.99)

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FREE Betty Crocker 20 Best Summer Drink Recipes (was $0.99)

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