Lemon Glazed Carrots


I am so excited for SPRING! The warmer weather, the birds making nests, my garden growing. Is it horrible that I am counting down the days until the kids are home for the Summer? I may be more excited than they are, but I love having all of my little birds in the nest […]

Chocolate Coconut Bars


I have some very happy people. All I can do is keep singing….. “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Almond Joys have nuts, Mounds don’t.” You are welcome for getting that stuck in your head too! These are like Homemade Mounds….but better! They are healthier! Yes, HEALTHIER! The ingredients to these […]

Egg and Sausage Breakfast Bites


Quick, Easy, and Amazing! That is the only way to describe these Egg & Sausage Breakfast Bites. These are super for quick weekend breakfast before sports, or school day breakfasts when you are in a rush to get out the door. My favorite part is these new Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles. I found them […]

Frozen Cookies


Today is the day! Disney’s Frozen has be released to DVD/Blu-ray.  We splurged and bought the digital copy a few days ago and the kids haven’t stopped watching it since.  It is seriously one of the best “New” Disney movies in awhile. We love it! Since today is the official release day we are […]

Simple Spring Garden Cupcakes


We are ushering in spring with a bang at my house. We can’t wait for the weather to start turning warm, and having more sunshine in our days.  My garden just looks sad right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some adorable simple spring garden cupcakes on the table. I started with my […]

Dr Seuss Lorax Tangerine Snack


These are crazy fun and easy! If your kids are celebrating Dr Seuss’ Birthday at school, or you are just looking for a fun Dr Seuss’ Lorax themed snack this is it! Stop what you are doing and make these. These are epic! All you need is…. Tangerines or Cuties Googly eyes yellow and orange […]

Easy Freezer Cookie Dough Recipes


Who doesn’t love a fresh baked cookie right out of the oven? I don’t always feel like whipping up an entire batch of cookie dough, or baking them all at once.  Never fear…..I have an answer to your problem.  Easy Freezer Cookie dough Recipes! This is as simple as pre-making the cookie dough, freezing it, […]

Quick & Easy Roasted Broccoli


So I have seen variations of this recipe all over the internet lately.  This Quick & Easy Roasted Broccoli is just that.  Very quick and easy to throw together. We hadn’t made this in forever! The kids love it….we all love it. We picked up a tree (head of broccoli) at the store this […]

Chocolate Dipped Popcorn Pops


Popcorn, candy, chocolate, and sprinkles on a stick. Yep…..do I need to say more? These are epic. They are amazing to individually wrap for parties, get togethers, or just pop on a serving tray and watch them disappear. You can decorate these Chocolate Dipped Popcorn Pops with any colors you choose.  That makes these […]

Baked BBQ Zucchini Chips


I am going to be honest. As hard as I try, I have a child who wouldn’t touch a green vegetable to save his life.  I can’t get mad at him. I was the same way when I was little….although I would eat lettuce and cucumbers. I can’t even get him to do that. […]

Simple Pizookie


Some days you just need a cookie. And then there are those days you need a REALLY BIG cookie. That is when you make one of these Simple Pizookies.  What is a Pizookie?! It is a cookie the size of a pizza. You can really make any type of pizookie you want, but you […]

Gluten Free Pizza Biscuits


So as you guys already know….we do food allergies at my house. My son is gluten free and finding foods for him to eat that make him feel “normal” is very important to me.  He loves pizza, but I hate making batches of gluten free pizza dough every time I turn around. I needed […]