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Chocolate Hazelnut Freezer Pie

Prep Time15 mins
Total Time4 hrs 15 mins
Course: Dessert
Keyword: no-bake
Servings: 8 servings
Author: Amanda Carlisle - A Few Shortcuts



  • 2 cups Cocoa Pebbles Cereal
  • 4 tbsp butter melted
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese softened
  • 3/4 Cup Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  • 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 4 oz whipped topping
  • Chocolate Syrup 
  • Additional Whipped topping


  • In a food processor pulse the Cocoa Pebbles Cereal until it is fine crumbs. Mix in the melted butter and press into a pie pan to form a crust.
  • In a medium bowl beat the cream cheese with a hand mixer until creamy. Mix in the sweetened condensed milk and Chocolate Hazelnut Spread until well combined.
  • Fold in the Whipped Topping by hand until well incorporated.
  • Pour the Chocolate Hazelnut filling into the pie crust and smooth out evenly.
  • Drizzle the top with chocolate syrup and decorate with extra whipped topping if desired.
  • Freezer for at least 4 hours or until pie is set.
  • Slice and serve.