Which Keurig Coffee Maker is the Best Value

Going to buy a Keurig? Find out which Keurig Coffee Make is the best value. The answer may surprise you!

So you are looking to buy a new Keurig Coffee Maker, but you don’t know which one to choose. There are so many models at different price ranges it can be difficult to decide. Do you go for the one with all the bells and whistles or do you go for the least expensive? I am here to help guide you to the right decision and introduce you to the best Keurig Brewer for you money.

My Keurig Journey

Let me start out with a little background. My name is Amanda and I am a coffee addict. I didn’t start truly drinking the caffeinated stuff until I had my third child. It all went downhill from there. I purchased a Cuisinart re-manufactured keurig brewer that died during a move. I am convinced because there is no way to drain the water from the inside and it caused some type of damage.

My next brewer was the Keurig B40.  After a year of continuous use it also died. I really can’t tell you why. I just woke up one morning and it wouldn’t turn on. Did my hopes for finding a solid, quality Keurig brewer die with that B40? Almost. I had all but decided it was time to pull out my handy old coffee pot and give up on Keurig, but I am so glad I did not.

Commercial Keurig vs. Standard

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I contacted my friend April (who runs Cross Country Cafe). I started asking her about the Keurig Brewers she sells.  She then educated me on why the Keurig B145 Office Pro is one of the best affordable Keurig Brewers. It is a commercial quality machine, made for office and businesses.  It is in the same price range as the standard household brewers. She began to tell me about the differences and I was sold. Plus, it also comes with 12 free k-cup assortment.

You are asking yourself, “How different can it really be?”. The difference is HUGE folks. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself. The fact that these are in the same price range blows my mind. The Keurig B145 is obviously a superior machine with one glance.


Which Keurig Brewer to Buy for the Best Value-8

Here is a quick side by side. The B145 is the one on the right with the stainless steel. The parts on the B145 are made with heavier plastic and metal. It does not feel flimsy at all! The B40 (Left) is made entirely of plastic, and even feels lighter and of a lesser quality to the touch.


Which Keurig Brewer to Buy for the Best Value-4

The B145 Office Pro has more settings. You can choose from 3 cup sizes and there is an auto off switch. My favorite option, it is drainable (see below).


Which Keurig Brewer to Buy for the Best Value-3

This one is my favorite. Remember how I said my first Keurig died because I could drain it? The B145 has a drain option. It offers you the ability to drain the water from inside the unit for moving, storage, or just to clean it.

UL Rated Unit

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One of the first things I noticed when removing my Keurig B145 from the box is the power cord. It is a big fat cord (right) compared to the B40’s little dinky one (left).  That is because the B145 is a commercially UL rated unit.  All of the units you would find in retail (B40, B60 and B70) are UL approved for residential use only.

What does that mean exactly?

Products with Commercial Use certification are intended for use in commercial or industrial establishments and are intended for higher cyclical usage. Therefore, commercial rated appliances must be able to accommodate the broad range of electrical service environments that can be experienced in commercial buildings. For example, power spikes from use of other equipment in a building can subject an appliance to high voltage spikes, and commercially rated appliances must be able to withstand such voltage spikes. Home rated appliances, however, are not designed to accommodate a wide range of electrical environments because the home environment is relatively stable from an electrical environment stand point.
The commercial rating requires a more robust appliance.


So you are asking yourself, “How much is this Commercial Machine going to set me back?” Not as much as you would think. This also surprised me! Spending a few extra dollars from the beginning is worth the quality and the peace of mind that you will have a machine that lasts!

This Keurig B145 is only $129.95 SHIPPED and comes with 12 bonus k-cups.

Compared to these other residential machines

Personal Opinion

I realize everyone will have a difference of opinion. I have owned the Keurig B145 for a few days now, and I am in LOVE! I swear that the cups of coffee come out hotter, and have a more quality taste than the coffee made by my old Keurig B40.  I am so glad that I upgraded. I will never go back!


I have had the Keurig B145 for a little over a year now and it is still going strong! Makes a great cup of coffee just like it did on day one!

Where to Buy Keurig B145

The Keurig B145 is sold at many retailers. I personally recommend Cross Country Cafe.  They offer it at a great low price of $129.95 Shipped with and they also have a huge assortment of affordable K-Cups!

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  1. Anita L says

    I have been considering a Keurig for some time now, so this is some very helpful information. It’s hard to believe such a small price difference to go with the commercial brewer. I know which model I’ll be choosing! Thank you very much :)

  2. md kennedy says

    A lot of folks still haven’t moved over the the single-cup format, but among other reasons, including this well-made Keurig model, is the eco-friendliness: you use less electricity making your coffee have less waste (use re-usable K-cups! you only use the water you need for your one cup!).

  3. Candace says

    It’s been about a year since this post, how are you feeling about this coffee maker now? I’m looking for a father days gift and need some more info. Thanks!

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