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How to Make a Jewelry Holder for Under $5

How to Make a Jewelry Holder

You are going to want to pin this, bookmark it, guard it with your life, because this is the Holy Grail of girl gifts. This is the best craft idea if you have a daughter who gets invited to birthday parties, or you need a quick and easy Christmas gift. I think that the best part of this is the fact that it fills that awkward tween/teen void. You know the one where you have no idea what to buy them except a new outfit or an iTunes gift card.

This is going to be loved, and not break the bank. Let me tell you what……as a mom, this is the best craft project I have ever purchased supplies for.  It takes less than 5 minutes and less than $5 for each Jewelry Holder. I have seen similar jewelry holders selling on Etsy and other online retailers for almost $20 each! That is a $15 markup!

How to Make a Jewelry Holder-1

What you will need….

  • Small Plain Canvas ( I got an 8×10 2 pack for $5.37)
  • Fabric to Cover (Snag the singles quarter yards for $0.97 each, that is enough for 1)
  • Small Cup Hooks ( Pack of 50 $4.21 at Home Depot – breaks down to $0.08 each)
  • Staple gun or stapler to attach fabric

How to Make a Jewelry Holder-2

Lay the fabric on a flat surface and cut it large enough to cover and wrap around the canvas. Pull tight and staple it into place on the frame.

How to Make a Jewelry Holder-3

Voila! Now just decide how many cup hooks you want to add and screw them in. It is that simple

How to Make a Jewelry Holder-6

We got busy and made one for each one of the girls rooms. They were finished in under 10 minutes! They love them! Another great feature is that you can poke earrings through the canvas, so it doesn’t just hold necklaces and bracelets. You can really make these with any size canvas, or fabric design. The possibilities are endless! You can decorate them with ribbons, buttons, the child’s name, and more!

So the final cost breakdown was $4.06 each plus of course the staples….which were just pennies. Can’t beat that for such a creative and beautiful gift.

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