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10 Tips for The Best Organic Garden

Are you gardening this year? Why not make it organic? Here are 10 Tips to help you have the Best Organic Garden ever this season!Are you gardening this year? Why not make it organic? Here are 10 Tips for the Best Organic Garden.
Our Organic Garden is in full swing this year. My zucchini already has flowers and I can’t wait to start harvesting! Creating your own organic garden is a great way to save money at the grocery store and help your family be more self-sustainable. Are you gardening this year? Check out these 10 Tips for the Best Organic Garden!

10 Tips for the Best Organic Garden


The soil is your garden’s foundation. You can find great organic soil at your local home store or make your own by amending your soil with organic material such as composted manure or yard and kitchen scrap compost. This will get your dirt off to a good start. Learn how to teach your kids how to compost. They love getting involved.


Starting with organic seeds is a must for a truly organic garden, but don’t go overboard. Choose the right seeds for your area and season. There is nothing more disappointing than your plants dying due to the heat or cold. Start your seeds at the right time for your region.

Get Sprouting

Some people like to sow their seeds directly in the ground. I have always had much better luck starting my seeds indoors. Get a small greenhouse or start your seeds in a recycled egg carton. My kids love watching them sprout and it gets them involved in the gardening process.

Companion planting

Including a wide variety of plants in your garden and planting them according to their relationship with others helps in many ways. For instance, bean plants fix nitrogen into the soil, which corn plants use to produce healthy cobs. Corn provides support for the climbing vines of the bean family. Add squash to the base and you have instant weed control! You can do some quick google searches to find other great garden companions.


Using good watering practices is ideal for Organic Gardening. You can capture and store rain in rain barrels, use drip hoses, and plenty of mulch. Even if you don’t use rain barrels water in the evening or morning hours. Just not in the heat of the day to prevent evaporation. Mulch helps keep the soil moist and prevent it from drying out as fast.

Pest Control

There are a lot of organic pest control products on the market. I am sure many of them are wonderful but they can be costly. You can make your own Organic Pest Control Spray at home for a fraction of the cost to help you have the best organic garden.


Earthworms play an important role in breaking down dead organic matter in a process known as decomposition. Earthworms are also responsible for mixing soil layers and incorporating organic matter into the soil. If you do not have them you can purchase them at your local fishing store. Get more info about starting your own worm farm with kids too!


Weeds are a pain. In organic gardening plan on getting dirty the good old fashioned way by pulling your weeds by hand. It is also a great workout. 😉 Remember, keeping plants close helps prevent weed growth. Natural mulch is another great method. Not only does it help prevent weeds, it has the added benefit of providing nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.

Plant Some Flowers

A few flowers will not only help your garden look prettier, but they may also attract beneficial bugs. These good guys in the garden attack insect pests such as aphids and tomato hornworms. Don’t worry about these good bugs: Most types are small enough that you’ll hardly notice them in the garden.

Some Great choices are…


My number one Organic Gardening tip is to enjoy! I love getting outside, and getting my hands in the dirt. My kids love to get involved, and we all get excited to see the fruits of our labor. Organic Gardening shouldn’t be a chore, but something you do to relax and take pride in the fact you can grow your own food for your family. Having the best organic garden is simple when you are doing something you love!



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  1. 5 stars
    Thank you for the tips, I was just thinking about planning my tomato garden this morning. This is only my second year of planting it so the advise is much needed and appreciated! One thing I did last year was leave some of the weeds on the ground to compost into the soil as well as some of the dropped tomatoes. Just a suggestion I got from our local garden shop : )

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