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5 Tips For Refinishing Furniture on A Budget

5 Tips for Refinishing Furniture on A Budget

I love DIY projects, and refinishing furniture is one of them. Trips to the hardware store can get expensive and the cost to refinish that piece of furniture can be more than you bargained for. Don’t spend too much on your next furniture rehab.

5 Tips for Refinishing Furniture on a Budget

  1. Start with Wood- If you are going to take the time to refinish a piece of furniture make it worth your time and start with a solid wood piece. Many can be found for just a few dollars on Craigslist, yard sales, thrift stores, and local swap groups on facebook.
  2. Take your time– Taking the time to remove hardware, sand properly, allowing paint to fully dry, and sealing the finish once you are done will assure you won’t have to spend money or time fixing, or refinishing again anytime soon.
  3. Discount Paint – Every hardware store has a table of discounted paint that has been returned or the color was mixed wrong, these are deeply discounted. Check the discount paint table before you by your own paint. You may find just what you are looking for. Even if you don’t, they may be willing to re-tint the discounted paint for your for Free or a small fee. Still much cheaper than having them mix a color for you.
  4. Paint Hardware Door knobs, hinges, and pulls can add up quickly. Instead of buying new hardware just pant the old. Giving the hardware a quick spray of paint can breathe new life into them for much less.
  5. Hardware Store is Your Friend- Instead of purchasing large tools such as sanders, saws, etc. Many hardware stores will let you rent or borrow them for a fraction of the cost. Also, don’t forget that if you purchase shelving or any type of wood the hardware store will cut them for free. Just take your measurements with you.

Do you have any tips for saving money on a furniture rehab? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. 5 stars
    These are great pointers on refinishing your own furniture! Another thing I would recommend, even though it is not so much of a money-save but an overall tip: take your time at every step along the way. Sand enough, let every coat of paint or varnish dry completely, etc.

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