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How to Start a Backyard Garden

How to Start a Backyard Garden and grow food for your family with a little space and time.

We are so glad to be back in the Sunshine state, I feel like I have spent the last few days at Home Depot.  Oh wait, I have. 😉 The kids and I got ambitious and decided we needed to get our garden in gear, or we weren’t going to have one this Spring. There isn’t really a wrong way to start a backyard garden.

How to Start a Backyard Garden

You just need….

  • A little spot of Earth or Containers for your plants
  • Garden Soil
  • Plants or Seeds
  • Water
  • Stakes to tie up tomatoes and peppers


We chose to make a raised bed with pavers and garden soil. Then we got a few tomato and pepper plants. I typically grow ours from seeds, but considering it is almost May we needed a head start.

We planted some great heirloom tomatoes, and a few types of peppers. Then we planted a row of cucumber seeds too!


Then we got some great containers on sale and used them for our basil, parsley and I planted a bunch of cilantro. I personally prefer to plant my herbs in containers. Otherwise the plants tend to spread. Basil will take over any garden.  I love it, but it multiplies like crazy.


Then we added a little helpful color. We planted marigolds all around the perimeter of the garden. Marigolds are easy to grow and they help keep the away aphids. Hey I love flowers, so I will give it a whirl.  The kids had a blast, and so did I.  We can’t wait to see how everything takes off.

My favorite part of the new garden is it is right out of my kitchen window.  So I can look at it while I am cooking.  Do you guys have a garden this year? What are you growing?

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