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How to Clean Burnt on Grease

*Warning* This post contains graphic images of a major mom fail….please try this at home if your pots look like this.

Do you have a "well loved" pot or pan with burnt on grease. Learn how to clean burnt on grease with your elbows intact. ;)

Ok…let me explain. ~giggle~  This is my Dutch oven…my very loved Dutch oven.  It is so great at frying things like french fries and chicken nuggets, I let it do the job.  However, there is a side effect of all of this cooking love.  The burnt on black grease on the bottom of the pot.


Now I have asked you guys for tips on how to get it off before.  I have scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed, and practically given up on my beloved Dutch oven.  I just figured the outside was destined to look like this since I use it so often.

Then I read a tip the other day to clean burnt on grease off of stove burners.  It said to put 2 TBSP Ammonia in a gallon Ziploc with the burner.  Not enough to soak, but to seal the bag and the fumes would do the job.


Ok, so I got curious.  Could this work with my Dutch oven?  Could it be returned to its original glory?  I took a large garbage bag (Yes garbage bag, I didn’t know what else to use),  And put 1 cup of Ammonia, set my Dutch oven inside, tied it up tight and placed it on the back patio.  I didn’t want to smell the house up.

I let it sit for a day and then brought it in and took a regular non scratching scouring sponge and scrubbed at it.  A good bit came right off, but refer back to photo A…it was bad.  So, I let it sit another day and then scrubbed it again.  Seriously very little elbow grease went into this.


I get that it isn’t perfect, but OMG! It is much better than it was!  So, if you have a pot, pan, or otherwise perfect cooking utensil that has been well loved like my Dutch oven.  You may want to give this a try.  It can’t hurt!

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  1. Ooooo, I love this idea! I’m definitely going to have to use it the next time my beloved dutch oven gets burnt up stuff on it. It always happens with the really sticky and nasty stuff! LOL

    Thanks for sharing! =D

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