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Why Can’t I Watch a Show On Netflix? & How to Fix It

Has someone else been using your Netflix Account? Can you not watch anything because they are using it? Why Can't I Watch a Show on Netflix? & How to Fix it! Learn how to kick them off and get your account back ASAP! Don't put up with Netflix thieves.

We have had a Netflix subscription for a long time! Like a really really long time. I love that my kids can watch cartoons and movies without commercials. I love that we choose when and where to watch them. I love that we can log into our devices and watch on the go. Except….for when we can’t. Wait…what?!

“Why Can’t I Watch a Show On Netflix?”

This is what my son said as he came out waving his iPad at me. Well, usually it means the password got typed in wrong, or his sisters are using it, but this wasn’t the case. The girls were with me. “Hand it here”, I said.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.36.46 PM
I was greeted with this screen. How were too many people using my account? The other people were with me. So I logged onto my netflix account from my computer to see what was going on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.33.25 PM

I took a peek at my activity. Ummm….ALL of those programs except for Phineas and Ferb were not my family. NONE OF THEM! That is so scary to me. So I immediately changed my password to something super difficult. But my son still couldn’t watch a program we got the same error.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.34.25 PM

I then found this under “settings”. “Sign out of all devices”. So I clicked it. I got a quick screen that says it could take up to 8 hours for all devices to be signed out. WONDERFUL.


I then clicked on “Recent Account Access” at the top of the recently viewed programs page. While all these IP Addresses say US Fl only 1 of them is mine (which I blanked out). The rest are thieves! Apparently people in Peru, Germany, Mexico, and other exotic places we have never been are really enjoying Pokemon on my dime. Isn’t that nice?

I finally was able to log my son in, guessing that those Peruvians finally finished Pokemon. I have to wait a few more hours to make sure that the sign out of all accounts and the password changed worked.

The moral of this story is, change your passwords, change them often, and check your account histories even on Netflix. It takes 8 hours to kick those other people off, but hopefully it is fixed for good now. I am going to make my self a note to change it every few months to keep this from happening again.


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    That is scary indeed. Thanks for the info. I checked our account and there wasn’t any nefarious activity, thankfully and it also reminded me to chat with a rep to ask if I could suspend our account during our vacation. You can’t but he put a note on our account about the price guarantee that we currently have so if I do cancel it and then re-up, I’ll be able to re-up at the same price. We have the lowest level account (“2 screens + HD”).

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