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Natural Seasonal Allergy Remedy

Do you suffer with Seasonal Allergies? They are no fun to deal with year after year. Try this all natural Seasonal Allergy Remedy. It has really helped my son! I love essential oils!

I really had no experience with seasonal allergies until my son came along. The poor little guy has the worst seasonal allergies.  Typically during the Spring and Fall you can hear him sniffle, wheeze, and cough all over the house. It makes my heart break every time I hear it. We have tried every allergy medicine under the sun.  Some make him feel better, but knock him out. We have tried others don’t last the full time suggested. Basically we have yet to find anything that works ALL the time.

Since I started using essential oils I heard that they can really help with seasonal allergies. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Seasonal Allergy Remedy Recipe

Now you can take this orally with water, you can put the drops topically on your feet, or you can do what I did! I chose to make homemade scented wax (like scentsy).  When I melted the beeswax I added 4 drops of each. I really wanted these to smell and be effective. I placed the wax warmers in places my son frequents. His bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.

I can honestly say since I have started I have not heard him snort once. We have 10 pine trees in our backyard in full pollen glory right now and not a single snort. I am amazed! He has been sleeping well, and seems like a normal active 8 year old. I am loving every minute of it!

Natural seasonal allergy remedy

I hope this info helps you and your loved ones make it through allergy season.

Disclaimer:  I am not a Doctor and I am not giving medical advice. This is just something that has worked for me and my family. This post does contain my affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    Where is the best place to find & purchase the Beeswax you use for your homemade scented wax? I have my oils even the Breathe oil but I would like to use them in warmer too around the house..thanks!

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