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DIY Grooms Boutonniere

Save money and make this DIY Grooms Boutonniere for our wedding or these make a perfect boutonniere for any special occasion. Save money and make this DIY Grooms Boutonniere for our wedding or these make a perfect boutonniere for any special occasion.

DIY Grooms Boutonniere

Now that you have learned how to make your own bridal bouquet for your wedding, why not keep the party (and the savings) going and design your own boutonnieres? Your handsome groom and his groomsmen are going to need them. And while florist designers would charge you as much as $30 a pop, you know better! You can create your own for a fraction of the price and still have boutonnieres that look lifelike and fresh, reflecting the colors and styles of your wedding day. Take a look below at how easy it is to make your own grooms boutonnieres, ones that you can be proud of and save a ton of cash.

Before you begin, you will need to decide the style you want. Will you just want a single bloom or multiple? Do you want any non-floral accents like greenery, berries, crystal picks? Do you want the grooms to differ from the groomsmen? Will the boutonnieres match the bouquets? Once you answer these questions, you can easily decide what supplies you will need and make a list.

Just like your bouquets, all of the supplies you need are available at your local craft store. If visiting Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, be sure to print off your 40% coupon prior to going! It is best to shop the same store that you did for your bouquet, that way your flowers can coordinate the others colors. Bring your bouquets for comparison if you think it will be helpful.

Ready to begin? Let’s go!

DIY Grooms Boutonniere

Supplies Needed:


  1. First, cut off your flower’s stem to about ½  inch.
  2. Cut a 4-inch length of floral wire and push it through the base of the flower.
  3. Now, wrap the flower’s stem with floral tape down to the end of the wires. Pull tightly as you do.
  4. Attach the greenery (if you wish to use it) behind the flower and wrap the two stems together with the floral tape. Secure with a drop of hot glue.
  5. Cut off the excess tape.
  6. Using your hot glue, add any additional accents you wish.
  7. If needed, use the wire cutters to even the end of the boutonniere.
  8. If you wish, you can wrap the end piece around a pencil to curl it.
  9. Push the corsage pin up through the bottom of the lapel to secure the flower in place.

That’s it! Pretty simple! You can make a few of these over the course of an hour and for easily for less than $10 a piece. Now that is being a budget savvy bride. With all of the money you save you can easily invest it into other areas of your wedding, or just save it for once you are newly weds. Making your own boutonnieres is a great way to save on your total wedding costs while still adding personality and charm to your big day.

So gather your supplies and get creating. Crafting your own boutonnieres is easier than you might think!

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