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DIY Makeup Setting Spray


Do you ever feel like your makeup just comes off throughout your day? You’re constantly reapply foundation in certain areas and it’s annoying for you? Well there are two steps  you could be missing to have long lasting good makeup!

First thing is, always make sure you’re using a primer!!! I personally love Hard Candy’s Primer (Available at Wal-Mart Stores) Primer is essential in creating a base for your makeup to stick to! Without a base it won’t stick, it just comes right off!

The second thing is, you’re probably not using a makeup setting spray! A setting spray for your makeup is similar to hairspray for your hair! It does the same thing, locks in your look! Just like we all need hairspray to make our hair stay the way we would like, we also need makeup setting spray to have our makeup stay the way we like!

Unfortunately makeup setting sprays can range from $10-$30 depending on brands and stores you choose to buy from! Which means, it can get a little pricey! OR you could make your own DIY Makeup Setting Spray! How you ask? I’m here to tell you, it’s easy, only requires 2 ingredients!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Things you need:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Witch Hazel (Available at Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc.)


Simply mix together 1/4 of Witch Hazel to 1/2 cup of Water in a spray bottle! Spray your face after applying makeup and have all day long lasting results!

Hope you enjoy this great, affordable spray!

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