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How to Make Your Own Hurricane Glasses

Hurricanes Glasses
I was blessed to meet a lot of fabulous people when I went to Minneapolis to General Mills in August.  One of those people that blessed my life was Myra!  Myra has a blog called My Blessed Life.  She is so sweet and down to earth.  You could just chat with her for hours.  I love when I meet people like that.  People that you feel you have known forever, but in reality it has just been a short time.  Kindred souls I guess.

Anyway,  as I was searching through Myra’s gazillion ideas on how to make my home pretty (See, she has a design degree) I stumbled upon this idea.  How to make your own Hurricane glasses.  You know the really pretty ones, that are really expensive no matter where you go.  You can decorate your house any time of the year with beautiful seasonal items and candles.  I had been wanting a set so bad!  HONESTLY! It was on my list of when I have money I will buy…. 🙂

So, I hit up the Dollar Store and bought the supplies to make 4, I already had the glue.  It cost me a whopping $8.   Crazy cheap.  The best part is since Dollar tree is a national chain you can buy them at any store.

Here are my beautiful Hurricane Glasses.  If my kids break one I won’t go crazy (at least over the price) broken glass; Maybe!  At $2 a piece these are a welcome addition to my decor.

To see how Myra and I made these Hurricane Glasses head over to My Blessed Life right now.  You won’t be sorry!

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  1. hit the Dollar Tree today! got 2 of those tall vases and found a set of 2 candle sticks for only $1! woohoo can’t wait to get my fall mantle done

  2. My Dollar Tree didn’t have any tall vases. 🙁 (Or short vases either, that weren’t hideous.) Oh well, there are at least 5 more dollar stors in my area – will have to go on a vase search!

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