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How to Make Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution

I am just going to start with my little disclaimer.  If you own or have rented a steam cleaner the label that says only use with the labeled store bought solution or warranty may be voided.  If this concerns you, then this homemade steam cleaner solution recipe may not be for you.If you have a carpet steam cleaner you know just how pricey the solution is and full of chemicals too! Learn how to Make Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution.

If you are looking for a way to keep your carpets clean for less and with fewer chemicals then read on! This Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution is heaven sent when you have a family and a house full of carpet!

Ok,  I have three kids and ….wait for it…..3 dogs.  Yep.  We are a house of 3’s apparently.  The kids are pretty much past the stage of actually dirtying the carpets.  There is the occasional sick child or tracking of dirt on the shoes, but the kids aren’t my problem right now.  It is the puppies.

We adopted two redbone coonhound puppies two months ago, and we have been house training them.  All was right in the world until one got a bladder infection.  You can imagine what that has done to our house training efforts and my sanity.

We already owned a steam cleaner (THANK GOODNESS!), but I hate purchasing those expensive solutions that don’t seem to work.  I knew there was a better way. I have tried several things in my steam cleaner, and all have cleaned the carpets remarkably well at a fraction of the cost.  So I am going to share them with you!

Vinegar Carpet Solution

Seriously, I cup full of white vinegar in the tank full of hot water.  That is it.  My kids laugh and say the house smells like pickles.  But when the vinegar smell subsides it takes the other odors with it.  No chemicals, and no carpet damage.  This will remove light stains but if you have heavy stains…read on.

Trifecta Combo

This Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution is my go-to solution in the high traffic areas.  I mix it ahead of time and label it, so I know what it is under the sink.

  • 2 cups vinegar
  • 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 2 Tbsp Clear Dish Soap

I just shake it together really well and put a cup in the tank of my steam cleaner with the hot water.  I also make sure I rinse after this one because of the dish soap.  It works wonders.  The vinegar deodorizes, the peroxide kills bacteria and removes stains, and the dish soap lifts dirt! LOVE


Last but not least is when you just don’t have time to fool around. LOL,  I will add about 2 Tbsp of Tide Detergent to the tank with the hot water and have at it.  Not only does it smell good but it lifts the stains well.  Again I make sure I do a pass of just water afterward to rinse the carpet.

I hope these recipes help you save money and time while cleaning your carpets!

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  1. Thank you so much for this- have been planning to do this myself for a long time [clean my OWN carpet and not pay an arm and a leg for some company to do it for me!] Our stains are similar- cat hair ball issues included. I was thinking of adding borax to the mix since it seems to clean so well- thoughts?

    1. Meryl,

      I have found that liquids work best. So, if you pre-desolved the borax in some water first, I am sure it would work great! I tried adding some baking soda one time and didn’t dissolve it first. I felt like I wasted it because the baking soda just sunk to the bottom of the reservoir.

      Hope this helps.

  2. any suggestion for pet urine smells? My dogs seem to smell the previous owners dog and are marking. Any suggestions?

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