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Lowry Park Zoo Tampa, FL Review & Our Trip

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This week we continued our Summer Fun with our trip to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL. I have been going to Lowry Park Zoo since I was in Kindergarten and it gets better every time we go.  We love it so much we have been Lowry Park Zoo annual pass holders several times.  It is so worth the price if you live in the Tampa area, or visit often.

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Since we have been before we know are way around Lowry Park Zoo very well.  We had our trip planned out before we even arrived. The smiles and amazement on the kids faces every time we go makes it all worth it! Every trip is different for us because each time we learn something new or see something we missed before. This time we got a great look at the Kookaburra.

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Lowry Park Zoo has been named one of the best zoos for children in the US and there is a reason! There is so much to see and do, and much of it is hands on. Wallaroo Station is the Children’s Zoo area, although I really feel the entire Lowry Park Zoo is geared towards the kids. Inside you will find splash pads, rides, a petting zoo, places to eat, koalas, Wallabies, and more!

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The kids got a great look at the Wallabies when we walked through their habitat. An even better look as we followed the path out of the enclosure and one hopped right in front of us.

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After we left Wallaroo Station we headed for Africa! The first creatures we found were the African Penguins! The kids always love to sit and watch them for a while.  We have even watched them feed the penguins before, and they always get the biggest kick out of that.

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Africa is host to many animals including Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Elephants, and so many more. We did something new this time. It was lunch time when we got to Africa and we were all hot! We popped into Rhinelander Cafe and enjoyed an AMAZING LUNCH! Seriously, I am used to theme park/zoo food being ehhh. This was delicious! They even worked with us on a gluten free option for my son. The added bonus to lunch. We had a front row view to the giraffes and zebras while we ate. The best seat in the house!

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After we ate we went to see the newest baby elephant and the baby pigmy hippo. The kids love seeing the baby animals and learning all about them. Lowry Park Zoo Tampa FL-14

We even met this big guy when we went to check out the rhinos. That is a serious face if I have ever seen one.

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa FL-18 Lowry Park Zoo Tampa FL-17

The kids and I marched around the zoo seeing all of the animals: from bears to sea horses.  We were even treated to a little lesson on Manatees when we stopped by the manatee hospital. We got to hear from one of the hospital workers and even saw one of the injured manatees being treated.  My kids are so interested in animals, so they were in 7th heaven listened and learning about how the manatees are cared for and treated.

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I could see in the kids faces that they were loving the day but they were getting sleepy. So after we made our final rounds and fed some birds, we headed for our final stop.


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The kids cooled off and we finished the day in one of our favorite spots: The manatee fountain. After a long day of fun and learning it was the perfect place to wrap it all up. Lowry Park Zoo is one of our favorite destinations for a reason.  It is educational, and there is something for the kids around every corner. If you are in the Tampa, Fl area I highly recommend that you stop by and see for yourself what a wonderful zoo it really is.

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