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Our Trip to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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It’s SUMMER, and we are on a mission to have fun.  We are busy with fun projects, recipes, crafts, and traveling. We are in full Memory Creating mode around my house. Earlier this week I had the pleasure to take my family with me to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. We used to go occasionally when I was little, and we took our oldest daughter when she was 3, but that was 9 years ago. So this was a new experience for all of us since the park has grown and changed so much.

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Busch Gardens has a little something for everyone.  I LOVE THAT! My son is my animal expert and he was thrilled beyond belief to see a peregrine falcon up close.  For those of you that don’t know they are one of the fastest birds in the world with flight speeds up to 242 miles per hour. (Fun fact of the day).

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We took a walk through Egypt and saw King Tut’s tomb. Busch Gardens is broken into sections so you can take it in one bit at a time. Each section has it’s own restaurant and snack stands. Food is very important when traveling with kids. I also love that you can pull up gluten free options on Busch Gardens website.

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The animal exhibits are interactive when possible. I love how close my kids could get to certain animals to really learn about them.

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We wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t take a minute to turn this into a learning opportunity. The kids were fascinated by all the different animals!

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It wouldn’t be a trip to Busch Gardens without the rides. My hubby and kids had a blast riding as many coasters as they could.  There is even Grover’s Express for the little ones.

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The children’s section of Busch Gardens is Sesame Street themed! There are stage shows, rides, playhouses, splash pad, carousel, and more. Plus you can have your picture taken with the characters! HELLO Big Bird! 🙂

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If all the animals, rides, and fun weren’t enough Busch Gardens is filled with beautiful gardens. They will simply take your breath away!

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Even though we got rained out in the afternoon, the kids were exhausted. Everyone had a blast, and they are already talking about going again! My son even pointed out that there is a Busch Garden App for next time.

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