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Weekly Meal Deal: Sloppy Joes from Scratch


My momma actually helped me come up with the meal deal this week.  I was on the phone with her this morning and said Turkey is like the only thing on sale this week.  Well, we both agreed that we would have turkey coming out of our ears for the next couple weeks.

Leading up to Thanksgiving every one is so rushed.  Rushed to get all the ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal.  Rushed to get the house ready for guests.  Finally, rushed with the hectic nature of life in general.  So, why would you want to feel rushed for dinner?

Sloppy Joes is one of those go to dinners.  You keep a can of mix in the pantry, and pull it out on those nights when you don’t feel like cooking.  If you are like me there has been a time or two when you reached in the pantry and that can wasn’t there.  Ok,  no sloppy joes…what else could we eat.  Well, if your pantry is stocked like mine, you can make your own sloppy joe mix in a matter of minutes that tastes just as good, if not better than that canned stuff. Plus, you will know what ingredients are going into your food.  That way if there are food allergies in your house there is no question as to what your family is eating.

Now, there are a couple ways we could do this.  You could have the traditional sloppy joe sandwiches, or you could really do it up by popping some fries in the oven, melting some cheese and making some Chili Cheese Fries, but with sloppy joes!  YUM!    Either way,  dinner will be on your table in 20 minutes and everyone will be tickled with what you made!

Homemade Sloppy Joes

  • 1 lb Ground Beef Cooked & Drained
  • 8 oz can of Tomato Sauce
  • 8 oz Ketchup
  • 1/2 tsp Chili Powder
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp Onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/4 cup diced bell pepper (optional)


Yes,  that is a huge tub of Ketchup!  Don’t judge!  We use a lot of Ketchup at my house!

In a bowl mix together all of the ingredients except the ground beef.


Once mixed, add ground beef and sauce to skillet and heat thoroughly.


Place heated sloppy joes on buns, bread, fries, potatoes, or whatever floats your boat!


** You can make extra Sloppy Joe Sauce and keep it in the fridge for a couple days, or freeze it!**

Want a quick dessert to go with this?  I have a great one for you!

I posted these Apple Dumplings last year and they are super easy and delicious!  I great way to finish off this meal!

Meal Deal

Ok, so as you can guess these items aren’t all on sale this week, because it is mostly turkey and stuff, but you can throw this meal together for next to nothing any night of the week!  Thanks to I Heart Publix for the Publix deals!

1 lb Ground Beef $1.99 (this week at Winn Dixie)
1 8 oz can Muir Glen Tomato Sauce $0.89 (publix)
-$1 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce Coupon
Small Bottle of Ketchup $1.50 (est)
Package of Buns $1.19 (Publix brand at my store)
2 cans Del Monte Fresh Cut Vegetables, Assorted Varieties,11to 15.25 oz can (Excluding Specialty and Asparagus) BOGO $1.29
-$1/5 Del Monte Product 9/19/2010 RP Insert (exp 11/15/2010)–if your store accepts expireds by a few days ;-)
After coupon you could pay 45¢ each
Idaho Potatoes, 5 lb bag, $1.99

Grand total after coupons $7.85

Divide by 4

$1.96 Per Person

Plus, you will have an extra can of veggies, extra potatoes, and left over ketchup!

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  1. Im thinking I could do this in my crockpot what do you think? also i only have chicken breast im going to try it and see!! thanks for the idea.

  2. I just wanted to say that I fixed the sloppy joes for dinner tonight and my hubby loved them! And so did I. I have tons of the tomato sauce, so I know that we will be eating more of thoes sloppy joes.

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