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10 Ways to Save $1 a Day

Don't think you can save. Check out these 10 easy ways to save $1 a day

Saving money can seem difficult.  Until you really start thinking about your purchases and realize how much you spend on extras: extra cheese, fast food, that Starbucks.  Now add up those purchases for the entire year. Yep, All of those “Extras” turn out to be a big wad of cash. Now what would you rather have? The few small extras here and there, or the money?! While it may be hard to save money on some things, here are some ways to can save at least $1 a day.

10 Easy Ways to Save $1 A Day

Skip extras when you order out: Pass on the extra cheese, soymilk, extra dressing. They all add up to extra money spent. Find other ways to make your food more flavorful with the stuff that is offered free where you are eating at.

Stop getting the paper delivered: Pass on your physical paper and go with the app or digital version. If you get the paper for the coupons, see if switching to Sunday Only delivery is better for you. Often, a digital subscription is as low as a couple dollars a month.

Dry your clothes outside or on a rack. The weather is getting nicer and it’s the perfect time to stop using your dryer. Electric Dryers account for a large portion of your electric bill. Depending on how much you cut back , you could save a $1 or more a day on your bill!

Take Out instead of Dine In: If you are eating out, skip eating in and instead get takeout. With takeout or curbside service, you don’t have to tip as much, so you can eat the same food you like, without the large tip.

Dump cable and satellite: Streaming services like those offered through Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu cost you around 10%, in some cases, of what you are spending on the more expensive options. If you are paying over $60 a month for cable packages, you are already spending $2 a day for it. With a streaming service, you are spending around 25 cents a day.

Library Books: Instead of buying new books or movies, borrow them from the library. You still get to check it out without spending money and you don’t have to laying around collecting dust when you are done with it! Also, if you choose Amazon Prime as a streaming service, you can “borrow kindle books” free monthly.

Pack your Lunch: Stop eating lunch out. Bring something from home, like leftovers from last night’s dinner and you are doing double duty saving by not wasting food at home, too!

Talk a Walk: With the price of gas being so high these days, it is often way more economical to walk or take the bus. Just doing this when you are commuting will save you more than a dollar a day. Even dust off the old bike.

Stop window shopping: Often times, window shopping turns out to be real shopping. Don’t allow yourself to shop this way. If you have some favorite stores to browse at, limit yourself to once a month or so. Stick with it and you will enjoy the times you are there, plus you will spend less overall.

Cancel your gym membership: There are so many ways you can work out at home that a membership to the gym is almost always a waste. You don’t even need special equipment. Just a place to walk and do some crunches and maybe some low cost free weights and you are set. Plus, with those streaming services above, many include workout videos from trainers like Jillian Michaels and more.

What are some easy ways that you save $1 a day?

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  1. Great tips especially getting take out rather than dine in saves onthe expensive drinks and the tip. Sorry to the wait staff who depend on this to make a living though

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