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Is Universal Orlando Safe to Visit 2020? Things to Know Before you go

Things are different right now and people are trying to figure out how to travel. Is Universal Orlando Safe to Visit in 2020? Check out what you should know.

Universal Orlando Entrance

2020 has been a crazy year! The Corona Virus has changed life as we knew it, and things are just not the same right now. We are all looking for a way to get out of the house and have a little fun, but we want to be safe! The big question for us Is Universal Orlando safe to visit in 2020? So we hit the parks to see in person how they are handling restrictions and safety.

Entrance & Ticketing

Entering the park from the parking garage we noticed that they were spacing cars out every other car, which was nice. As you head in you will have your temperature checked, and they will ensure you are wearing a mask before you head through security.

Once you get to the gate they will scan your ticket and ask to see your id. If you have a lanyard it is simple to put your ticket facing one side and your id on the other for a quick entrance. Children under 18 don’t need ID when with an adult.


Family with masks. Universal Orlando

Face masks are required at Universal Orlando. Please see their website for more information as it has been known to change. They sell masks at the park in all sizes. We actually bought ours before going through security and really like them.

Universal Orlando Mask Rest area

While there are some places you can “rest” and take off your mask, your mask must be worn during your entire visit. The only exception is eating or drinking but that must be done while sitting and distanced.

Social Distancing

We have only visited Universal Orlando during the week when the crowds are lower. There are social distancing markers everywhere. Universal team members are great about enforcing the distancing and correcting those that aren’t following the guidelines. We have not felt unsafe due to social distancing while in the parks at all.


Hogsmead Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando and City Walk are operating at partial capacity to cut back on crowds. Going to the parks during the week you will notice very low crowds and wait times. The weekends have been more crowded, although not pre-2020 levels.

The park does not have a reservation system but will put up signs when the parks are at capacity. If you are heading in during the weekend it is advised to arrive early.


Family riding the Mummy Roller Coaster Universal Orlando
Us in all of our glory in the back row of the Mummy. The curse is real!

The rides are one of our favorites. Before boarding a team member will put hand sanitizer on your hands. If your ride has 3D glasses they will be sanitized prior to them being handed to you.

Your party will be seated together on the ride, but spaced out by one or two rows from other parties. This does extend the lines and wait times a bit, but it is worth it for safety purposes. If you have an Express Pass this does help and cut the wait times a bit.


two girls eating lunch at Margaritaville in Universal Orlando

Downloading the Universal Orlando App is a HUGE help. You can see the restaurants open, menus, and even order food online in some locations. Compared to pre-2020 some of the restaurants are closed or have limited menus.

Also, they are not handing out paper menus. We were guided to scan a code with our phone to pull up the menu at Margaritaville. Our server was very cautious in how our silverware, condiments, and even food was brought to the table.


Girl with mask in Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando

We love Universal. Honestly, our first time back in the parks we were a bit nervous. We have been back twice now and I can say it has been very enjoyable. We have gone during the week (Monday, Wednesday), and had very little, if any, wait times. Our last visit we were able to enjoy everything we wanted in both parks in just a few hours. The team members have all be very friendly and the low crowds make the park enjoyable.

The masks can be uncomfortable, but when we start getting hot we just take a small break at a distanced table with a water for a few minutes. Then we get back to enjoying the park.

The hand sanitizer that they put on your hands at each ride is a little “sticky” not sure what brand it is, but we have found ourselves more comfortable to wash our hands with soap and water in the restrooms after a couple rides.

The other guests at Universal seem to be understanding and respectful of the restrictions. The team members are also great at enforcing the rules. In contrast, we have tried the other major theme park in the area and can say that we did not feel the same level of care or safety.

If you and your family was looking to visit Universal Orlando in 2020, I recommend it. I feel like Universal Orlando is safe and the parks are taking many precautions. Obviously you need to make the best choice for you and your family, everyones experiences may vary.

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