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Our Omaha Vacation Day 2: Henry Doorly Zoo


WARNING: You are about to be bombarded by photos.  Don’t worry I won’t make you look at all 400 I took.

We woke up this morning and got ready to take on the Henry Doorly Zoo.  We were prepared with our camera, bottled water, sun screen, etc.


We knew it was going to be hot, and thought we were prepared.  We hit the dessert dome first, which was awesome.  Each section was a different habitat.  My animal planet addict was in awe!


We walked around the zoo and found so many different types of animals! The kids had the best time, but a stroller was necessary for the little one.


The whole family had a blast walking around the zoo.  The only thing is they need a warning sign that you will be walking…up hill….a lot.  I definitely don’t need to get on the treadmill today. ~whew~


The kids were so excited that they could see all of the animals.  They were all out and about and where they could see them.


The air conditioned aquarium was the perfect place to spend the afternoon when we were done with lunch! There was so much to see!  The kids loved the penguins!


The jelly fish and the crabs were up on the list too! Then there were the sharks!


They stood in silence just watching the sharks and rays for a while, and that doesn’t happen often!


The butterfly dome was AWESOME! There are butterflies absolutely everywhere! The girls, of course, got the biggest kick out of this.


We then went and met this orangutan. He or She walked right up to Mason and just starred at him.  Mason was in hog heaven because there isn’t another kid in the world who loves animals more than he does.  Apparently this Orangutan was studying Mason’s hat because next thing we knew he/she went off got some paper and piled it on his/her head. So stinkin cute!


The Cat Complex has a huge variety of wild cats.  All of them being lazy in the Summer heat!


We took a cue from the cats and ran through the misters.  The kids squealed, but it was just what we needed.


We had to pose with some statues before we left….


and show them a little love!


It was an action packed day and we are exhausted.  Well, atleast the grown ups are.  The kids are ready to go swimming.

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  1. 5 stars
    As a native Nebraskan, I LOVE the zoo! We try to take our boys every September…we always miss something, but they love to look at the animals. Makes for a nice weekend trip when it gets a little cooler.

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